First build: dual 6374-190kv TB motors - 13s4p diy -dual Focbox - Arbor Prodigy 38" - DIY 97mm wheels - TB218 trucks (65kg skateboarder on top)

Comments on this build please, my first build, did lotta research but all input is good input :smiley:


or is this a question?

What esc will you put in there buddy? Specs look good but some more info on actual parts will help us direct you.

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focbox in mind but might flip to flipsky :wink:

no build, gathering more info and input before ordering the parts

Started buying parts this weekend, deck trucks and wheels as parts list says, also ordered a spot welder sunkko 709a from banggood, and 50pc Samsung 18650 30q cells from local supplier. all tips on making a battery is appreciated, I plan on using the stimm pack from this forum as a layout

There are some good pointers for battery building on this thread.


Deck, wheels, trucks and 18650s arrived, batteries much larger than expected, see std AA battery under the left row of 18650s Thinking of ordering 2 more 30Qs and do 13s4p, but not sure yet, due to limitations on the ordered Focbox dual. Sunkko 709a spot welder coming June 6th. Wich nickel strips fish papers, tape and other battery related stuff should I order. Also need tip on the best 6355 motors as I am to order 2 of those, including pulleys and belts, brackets and mounts. Also tip on enclosure is needed

I live in Norway (EU)


damn, I was going to make my own battery than chickened out… good luck. also take a look at @BigBrit’s build. It’s pretty similar to this and has a youtube channel.

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Thank you will definitely check it out :smiley: both scared and excited but gonna be patient and careful :wink:


Hey man, I have indeed built a board very similar to this. Still going strong 14 months later and well over 1000 miles! I love it! I have a build thread on here, may give you ideas. Message me if you need help bro :call_me_hand:

Cool man, just saw your youtube vlog on the icarus ride, very nice build mate :smiley: What motors did you buy, or considered buying ? need 2 x 6355s that’s going into a dual focbox

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60990215_441016540030382_6819674318130118656_n 61057113_380628929222075_1315586192577658880_n All batteries gave 3,43 - 3,45 Volts, that’s average ? No need to charge if installing a BMS ?

Yes. Just install with BMS and charge afterwards and monitor the first charge.

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Cool man, 0.2x10mm nickel strips (double on serial connection ? Fish paper on positives silicon glue ?

For enclosures check out He makes similar enclosures for what you need

Yes @Eboosted makes good enclosures but for Icarus, only 10s4p available, I’m doing either 12 or 13sp4

No use neutral cure silicon instead

regular silicone ? like bathroom/tile silicone ?

Make sure it says neutral cure