First Build | Future Dual Motor | 190kv | 12S | Hill Climber

Hi guys!

After a lot of thought I think I’m building my own first e-board.

I’m new a this and I need your help to make all component compatible.

My base for comparisson is a benchweel dual 1800W for 470€. I would like to make something better climbing hills for around the same price and with same speed and range.

I was thinking going single motor in the beginning and later upgrading for a dual motor setup.

Board + trucks + wheels 85€ Motor: TorqueBoards 6355 190kv 90€ Motor mount and pulley: 3:1 ratio 10mm belt 36€ VESC 98€ Battery: 3*4S 5000mAh 100€ BMS: 12S 60A BMS 43€ Charger: 12S Lipo Charger 54€ 2.4Ghz Remote Controller 16€

This is roughly 530€ single motor build. Is this build compatible? And Is there any cheaper reliable options where I can buy the pieces in the EU? I’m new here and don’t know a lot of motor or ESC brands. Please Help, and thanks in advance.

PS: I’m 100kg (220 lbs).

  • For your weight and application (hills) you’ll want at least a 6374 motor if you’re not going dual motors.

  • You’ll want to make sure that mount fits a 63mm motor. As long as it has the right hole spacing, it should work.

  • You should invest in a quality VESC too, Maytech isn’t exactly known for their commitment to quality. Check, Enertion’s FOCBOX, or DIYES’s VESC.

  • You might encounter some slippage with a 12T pulley, especially with a single motor build.

  • Keep in mind that pulley/mount set will require some DIY fiddling to get working on your trucks.

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  • But I was thinking of upgrading later to a dual motor setup.

  • The motor mount is for 50mm but I can modify it.

  • Those are too expensive.

  • I chose that because it was cheap and came with motor mount.

  • I know. I’m ready for that.

You’ll likely overheat if you go through too many hills with a single 55mm motor, but if you limit your current and don’t go on long uphills you may be okay. As for the VESC, that’s one thing you should not cheap out on or you may end up paying twice as much replacing it if and when it breaks.

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Do you think its better build a single motor like that or buy the benchwheel dual and in the future try to modify it?

You could build it with a 6374 motor for now, then add a second 6374 in dual diagonal.


If you buy @torqueboards extended axle truck (or other extra long truck), you can mount both 6374’s on the same truck

The second option would actually be nice.

I don’t know a lot about BMS. Do you think a 60A BMS Is the right for my setup?

What do you think? 6374 190kv TorqueBoards €120,00 Motor mount + pulley €36,00 ESC €100,00 Battery (2*4s) €67,00 Charger €54,00 BMS€43,00 Remote €16,00

And later I’ll upgrade to dual motor + 1*4s battery

Motor and esc look good. I would go for a better mount.

to be clear: this mount is rock-solid if you drill a little into your trucks and put a screw in. However, it’s not compatible with 63mm motors

Whatever u do DONT GET A BENCHWHEEL, I had one its a piece of shit.

what mesures are different?

i’m not sure, the product page doesn’t list motor compatibility. I’m speaking from experience; i bought this mount and it didn’t fit my motor. If you motor has two sets of screw holes it should work just fine

Thank for your feedback. I was concerned about that. Theres a lot of bad review but theres also a lot of good ones. I was sceptical. I also have the koowheel in mind.

63mm motors usually have a 31mm square mounting pattern, which is seemingly larger than the mount you listed. If you cut new slots for the pattern, it might considerably weaken the integrity of the mount.

Hobbyking has a new mount for sale (though backordered I think). You could try there. It’s only like $9 USD.

@thisguyhere While the ESC on mine was shot, the mechnical parts seemed pretty decent quality. Still gonna do a conversion on my dead Benchwheel sometime.

Is possible to run it with only 2 screws?

It’ll likely slip, especially under heavy load/vibration.

Ok. thanks. I’ll see if I find other.

About the BMS. Do you thinks its the correct one?

I dont have to much knowledge on geared builds because I have hubs, but what I can say is if you want to save a little bit, get a cheaper BMS like THIS one. You just need to bypass the current limiting and just use it for charging. You could also get a 48V 10A PSU and use that for charging instead of that LiPo charger, but youll have to wire it up yourself and build a custom enclosure. Its what I did but if your not to electronically inclined it could be difficult.

The BMS you linked is 12s, and you initially said 3x 4s batteries but later said 2x 4s batteries. If it’s 3x 4s batteries, then yea that’ll work, but you might want to consider the suggestion @JdogAwesome said as well, that’s what I currently do.