First build help- thanks!

I have been looking around here for a while trying to get a good grasp on everything I’m looking at. It’s a lot of information to try to take in! I got into the Eboards when I found the koowheel onyx - it’s acrually been a great board but I’m really thinking about building my own.

Living in hawaii it’s hard to get things out to me and if I can get good at it might start building them locally if I can!

So I have been trying to price somethings out and would love any information on the stuff I’ve found so far and what I’m missing. I’m sure there are some electronic parts I’m missing / connectors and such.

If I’m posting this in the wrong place let me know!

Also if you see a way to get the cost down on what I have so far that would be helpful as well!

Also, put this all in excel and on my phone not really sure how the get the right format.

  • List item

Parts Price Website Deck $38.75

Wheels / Bearings $89.88

Trucks $53.99

Batteries $299.00

Motor $180.00 collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6355-190kv?aff=2

motor Mount $120.00 collections/featured-items/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black?aff=2

Pulleys $93.98 collections/electric-skateboard-pulley-belt-combo-kits/products/36t-abec-pulley-combo-kit?aff=2 "

ESC" $119.99

Battery / Vsec Enclosure $58.00

Thanks in advance and great community here!

The MBS wheels are 69.99 on Amazon if you wanted to save some money, there are motor mounts for 28.99 on build kit boards by @JLabs. I would go with two FOC boxes if you have the money, but if not at least two Vescs from Diyelectricskateboard. Also you can get a 12s3p for $30 more on if you wanted more power for a smaller price.

I have heard a bunch of people say that the recent batch of MBS wheels have been wobbling. Also that ESC is very pricey, I saw one on eBay for like $50.

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Thanks for the quick replies! I’m thinking about potentially goin single drive for now with the potential of upgrade for dual drive so I can get a foc box.

So should I stay away from MBS wheels for now? Or maybe just wait a little to get them ordered? I am going for the Amazon one with the red bones bearings.

What can I expect from a single belt drive same motor I have linked above? I’m roughly 200 lbs.

That single drive belt motor can pull 80A so as long as your ESC and battery can deliver your build should not be short on power. Just make sure you use at least 15mm pulleys and belt. For 10s3p 60A max a single drive would be best theoretically. Let me explain. Battery can deliver 60A, focbox can deliver 60A continuous and motor can run 60A continuous. By using a dual drive you split the power two ways and allow things to run cooler but your power would more or less be the same.

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That makes Perfect sense. Thanks for the explanation! What 15mm pulleys would you use to run those wheels and everything and you have convinced me to start with a single motor system and think about the upgrade for later.


To add to @myreala’s great points, adding a dual drive may not get you any more power under some circumstances but it will definitely make your brakes WAY better and generally make your board ride better and have no torquesteer. Also it can provide some redundancy if something fails. Especially if you use two receivers instead of split PPM or CANBUS.

If you still plan on going for the esc and battery from mboards I would just get them from @diyeboard as they seem like the same exact thing and would save you money!

With ESCs, “saving money” often means buying twice. Beware

I have been using the diyeboard esc for awhile now with no problems!

One thing that absolutely hits this industry hard is “Person X did it and it worked, so I can do it and it will work”

That’s not how things work necessarily.

I’m just trying to give fair warning is all.

I like the buy once and those are also very valid points to go with a dual drive. Looking at my build how can I get this price down a little - I’m going to switch the motors mounts for sure might go with the ESC for diy but going that right is making me think to do their package price - this one


Is that worth the price they are asking?

I have no experience with them specifically but it’s widely reported to stay away from the torqueboards ("") HW4.12 (“VESC”)

Of course they work but they seem more likely to fry and more fragile to mistakes

Have you looked at the FOCBOX from enertion? I know they cost more, but consider if you have to buy one of them twice, the difference is profound

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I have looked but shows them out of stock right now. How much do they run when in stock 155$ if I remember right when I saw them previously


Are there any other good options besides them as well? It definitely seems like they are considered the best from what I’ve read and seems like really the only way you should go - unless I missed something else viable.

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You can also try the flipsky vesc 6 or even their vesc 4. I haven’t seen anyone blowing those up. There is also vanda vesc.

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if you want something cheap and see if you’ll like it too then go with Hub Wheels

he sells the controller, hub wheels or motor wheels all ready together, just need to get the battery, and if anything get a hoverboard battery they cheap and its already a 10sp2 and you can reconfig it later on

On the cheap-good-fast triangle where you get to choose any two, hub motors are the “cheap-fast” option. I would suggest staying more towards the good-fast direction. If the DIY is strong in you, you could do cheap-good but that would involve making your own ESC and deck and motors.

Overall, hub motors are a poor choice because you’re stuck without “good”. You can’t upgrade a single piece at a time later and it’s extremely difficult to do anything with them except replace the whole drive train or leave them as-is (if they still work).

I like good and fast as of right now the build I hve above is roughly 1100$ without in shipping costs included. That seems high - it’s going to adjust down when I change a couple prices but not by a ton. J don’t know if this is going to be a normal price to build a good deck that will last.

For some reason I bought I could make something with some quality for under 1000$ but as of right now I’m not hitting that number

If you can look for a battery made out of Samsung 30Q cells, they are one of the best cells in the market for electric skateboards, a 10s3p will have 9000mAh, the battery selected in your link has 6600mAh, it means you will have 36% more range with the Samsung. This is important because with just a little more money you will have a much better battery and duration per charge.