First Build - Lacroix Deck || 12s5p 40T || Dual Focbox || Torque Boards 6380 170 KV || Neptune 15 BMS||

Hi all,

So after researching and changing my mind about 100 times on what my first build will be, it finally came down to a DIY Lacroix! :slight_smile:

I would love your input and experience as you guys have built tons and are always helping newbies in this great community of Esk8.

Component List:

1. Deck and Enclosure from Lacroix.

2. Wheels and trucks = MBS Pro 2 and MBS Pro 2 Hubs with 7 inch Innova Inline tires

3, Battery = 12S5P Samsung 40T cells built

4.Motors = Torque Boards 170 KV 6380

5. ESC = Dual Focbox legacy

6. Mounts and pulleys = Ordered from @e.board_solutions :

7. Remote = Avio Mod Mini Rc from @nuttyjeff

8. Motor Pulley and wheel pulley = 18/68

9. Belts = 15 MM , 415 MM HTDM5

10. BMS = Speedict Neptune 15

11. Anti Spark Switch = ?? not sure…

12. Charger = ?? not sure…

If there is anything i can improve/change to make it better please let me know.

Thank you!


Update: Deck , enclosure, wheels and trucks just shipped from @colinphotovideo !! Shipped on same day, he is a legend!!

Will post pictures when all arrives next week :slight_smile: .

If anyone has MBS Unik mounts for sale (they are sold out on the site), i would love to buy them, as the other pre order mounts have a 1 month lead time.

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How much are you gonna be spending in the end? Just curious if it will come much lower then buying a stock Lacroix (I know they are not for sale right now anymore).

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I would go for the 16 teeth pulleys, and maybe 18 teeth if possible, if it’s more for urban riding But for such low number of teeth, you really need an idler (belt tensioner)

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Yea mate after some research, i went with the 18/68 tooth, giving me a top speed of 55 KM/H.

Lets hope there are no major delays in the build :slight_smile: , but we all know estimates in esk8 times hahah

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Don’t forget the idler, even with 18 teeth, it would be more than welcomed !

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Also, i dont believe the original Lacroix uses idlers in their mounts, just not sure what gearing they use but they seem to be fine.

They use UNIK Mounts i believe. (sold out i cant find any)

Ok, couple of things, contact @okp about the mounts, he will sort you out.

The Neptune Lite does not do any balance charging, it just will monitor the cells. You need the Neptune 15. You buy a kit $5 to convert to your cell configuration.

You also need to replace the switch it comes with as it’s not suitable for long exposure on a deck

Hope that helps

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Oh and use the Neptune for charging only, bypass for discharge!

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Thanks for that mate, just messaged them and said il pay for the neptune 15 instead since its not shipped.

I have bought the mounts from somewhere else, but will keep in mind OKP for next time.

UPDATE: Been a while since i started this thread, but mounts and pulleys just arrived from @e.board_solutions,

They are thicc! and very well made! I have to say, customer service was great and the pre-order arrived even earlier than expected, which does not happen much in Esk8 world…


20190702_114526 20190702_114601 20190702_140746 20190702_140847 ![20190702_141333|281x500]20190702_141333

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Update #2: The BMS has arrived.

Neptune 15, can balance charge, fast charge, and check each P group voltage via bluetooth.

Though the switch provided with it is tiny, i may have to convert it to an LED E - Switch. 20190702_120307



A few questions i need help with please,

What charge port and connector would you guys recommend?

What charger would you recommend? Battery will be 12S, 20,000MAH.


Lots of options to choose from with regards to charge ports, get something ip67/68 rated, two pin.

Do not use the 2.1mm pin ports found on most cheap boards, they are only rated to 2ish amps, not suitable at all for high amp charging.

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Oh and I’ve been the running the 6380 for a couple of months now, loads of torque.received_2230321150614440

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Thanks mate i was thinking of this connector a friend has used and said works well :

And for charger this one:

Yea i heard they are poweful! I have a raptor 2 at the moment and its getting boring at 10S.

Cant wait for first ride…

Any issues with overheating or thermal throttling you have?

I have not seen many reviews on this motor

The motors seem decent enough, but be aware that they are 170kv so not as many rotations as the 190kv that Lacroix shipped with the prototipo.

You may need to play with the gears and ratio to find the sweet spot for your own style.

They are also not sealed like the maytech motors, so never ride them in rain.

But overall, super powerful motors with loads more torque.

The charger you picked is fine, I have one.

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And yes, that two pin port will be fine.

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