First Build | Landyachtz Evo | Dual setup | Evolve trucks | Cell level fusing

First of all, just want to say a big thank you to everyone on the forum. Without you guys, I wouldn’t have been able to spend the last 6 months using $3000 from a $1000 budget with enough parts left over for another 2 boards.

The benefits of this setup are nice low profile. The drop deck locks your feet in. Evolve have really nailed it with these trucks. They’re wide, stable and have an excellent turning radius. The Evo deck offers great stability at high speeds too because of the rear angle imposed on the trucks.

Feel free to let me know what I’ve done wrong/right and if you have any questions.

Landyachtz Evo Deck TB VESCs Bestech BMS 10s3p Samsung q30 battery pack Nano x controller Abec 11 107mm wheels Evolve GT trucks + motors 15t motor pulley 38t wheel pulley

My battery pack (10s3p Samsung q30) was built with cell level fusing. I used actual fuse wire that is rated to 16amp for each cell solder directly onto copper bus bars. Each parallel group was shrink wrapped. Bus bars were also heat shrinked.

The enclosure was made from 2mm aluminium sheet bent on a 600mm metal brake. I powder coated it in a white pearl and capped of the ends in carbon fibre. I plan on updating the end caps in a waterproof/dustproof mesh so that the electronics inside have a good air flow.


Nice board. How’s the ride on the 107s?

Looks awesome. Love those trucks. Did you initially have an Evolve GT?

The 107s are great. My gear ratio is set up for more torque. Very smooth. Expansion gaps in footpaths are still noticable but it’s more the noise. I don’t really feel much in my feet with these wheels.

Thanks mate. I bought the parts direct from evolve. Don’t have an evolve board.

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That may be the 1st aluminum fab’d enclosure that I like, good frikkin job. Nice build, good choice of gear. Let me know what your range is with the 10s3p 30q pack, I went with a 10s4p 30q pack on my evo but Im also running @psychotiller 6 Shooter hubs with 6in airless wheels.


Thanks. I’ll let you know about range as soon as I get my bluetooth module working. I wonder if the 107 are more economical than smaller wheels. The good thing about the Evolve trucks is that It’s easy to convert to the AT wheels that I have also.


I get about 16 miles out if my 10s4p 30Q pack with 6in wheels, I would imagine the evolve wheels will be a little better as they are numies. The airless ride great but there’s a lot rolling resistance and they are heavier than normal numies.

This is awesome! I love the white on black, super classy!

Thanks mate. Black and white are always timeless.

Board looks great, I wonder if you had clearance issues like going through speed bumps or going in or out of ramps

Thanks mate. Clearance isn’t too bad. I have 11cm of clearance underneath. Driveways are fine. Haven’t tested speed humps though. Thanks to the Evolve trucks I can easily turn it into this too.


Looks great man! What a wide wheelbase with those trucks!!!

Thanks. They would’ve looked even wider if I had standard/small wheels on them. The 107 make them look much smaller than they really are.

For anyone wondering if it’s ok to solder 18650 batteries, check out the vid below. As long as your quick and use at least an 80w iron, then it should be fine. Don’t forget that the thermal camera in the clip is only registering the outside of the cell which would be hotter than the inside. Having said that, no-one has really proved if it’s bad or not as no proper tests have been made.


Looks great, nice work on the enclosure!

Im loving all these builds using the Evo deck. @Funktapus I spy a wiring schematic in one of your images of your custom battery, mind posting that up so that I take a closer look?

Looks great and if you were feeling a little crazy you could grab a set of these?

Here’s the wiring diagram.


Love this build! Where did you find those red washers you used around all the mounting hardware bolts? Such a small detail but enhances the look of the entire board. Thanks

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Thanks mate, I got them from

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