First DIY electric longboard

Hello everyone Ive been lurking in this community for a while now and Ive been learning so many things. Ive finally decided to create an account and share with you guys my first work in progress electric longboard. I live in the US and I weigh about 150 lb and where I live there are many hills (street) and Im going to use this mainly for general transportation. Here is a list of parts that im going to use

•Motor SK3 6374 190KV From Hobbyking 80 + 22 shipping

Vesc + remote connector From Diy 102 + 11 shipping

Pulley set (16:36) From diy 47

Battery Pack (2) From amazon (Research for upgrades when budget is higher) (hobbyking doesnt ship lipo internationally :frowning: 74

Remote and receiver 50

Battery charger IMaxB6 From amazon 28

Motor Mount from amazon 59

Battery Indicator from amazon 10

Caliber Trucks (Using old Gullwing sidewinders, dont really like calibers) 30

3 way T90 connectors (2 males 1 female) 1 pair of t90 13

Shrink wrap 10

•6s Battery JST connector 12

•97mm red wheels 30

Tackle box enclosure 9

576 Dollar Total

-Solder 13

I have all the parts necessary to build my eskate except the vesc and the pulley set from diy (Its been 12 days and they still havent shipped my package???) I have a sector 9 kiss of death deck and I bought caliber trucks for the motor mount but I decided to use my gullwing sidewinders in the end. Right now my battery configuration is 6s1p 5000mah and Im using a balance charger to charge both battery packs as one. I really want to upgrade my batteries once I get the money (150ish) I want to go at least 15 miles and have pretty good torque since the reason that I wanted to even build an eskate was the hills in my area are killing my legs and I get to school everyday sweating bullets my school is a bout 2 miles away.

Here are some photos of my build atm Motor mount and motor I havent put the motor on my board yet since I still need my pulley set and vesc and Im still using it for everyday commute

My board looks really goofy ever since I put in the new 97mm wheels (I shouldnt have gotten red)

My Remote loopkey and enclosure

My batteries in my enclosure

How its wired up Im going to plug the xt90 connector into the vesc and im going to drill a hole in the enclosure for the connector thats going to connect to the loopkey

This is my first diy and my first electric longboard any comments tips and suggestions are really appreciated and please leave suggestions for battery configurations, Ive been thinking about 18650 cells but they are quite expensive and I only a little knowledge on BMS and I dont own a spot welder

A little off topic but Im also looking to strengthen my board (carbon fiber/fiberglass) my board since the trucks make my stiff deck feel like its about to snap

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Don’t waste your money with that soldering iron, they are crap. I would invest in a nice soldering station like a Weller, Hakko, or this one I use

I bought it for $100 so it’s actually a pretty good price right now.

Thanks ill look into it when i have the money, ive spent almost all my money on my build, the only money i have is lunch money haha

I am also currently in the progress of building my first board.

Take care with that remote. I have not experienced it personally but after reading many posts, I have come across several people experiencing drop outs so it may not be that reliable. But since I haven’t actually had one, I can’t really say for sure.

Your battery at 6S might not be the best for a 190kV motor, as builds that use 6S often use a motor around 245kV. Perhaps invest in two more batteries to make it 12S? With the battery type as you may know, Lipos will provide more power but have a shorter lifespan in relation to the amount of charges and tend to be a bit more of a hassle to charge… Maybe try looking around the forums to see if anyone makes custom battery packs with 18650s, I know that MEB makes 12S packs for a decent price.

Concerning your order from DIYes, I ordered something from them last Thursday and it shipped on Friday, so maybe try contacting them through support?

Hope this helped :slight_smile:

I got a iron similar and it works fine for me

Thanks for the warning Ill be careful with the remote and hopefully Ill buy one off @markyoe

I am aware that a 6s battery configuration for my motor is basically wasting motor potential but i will look into 10/12S battery configurations. I also want more range for my batteries as speed doesnt matter as much as range for me. Im trying to look into 18650 battery packs but they are really really expensive and I want to make my own pack that might be dangerous since I do not own a spot welder.

And gah Ive been contacting DIYes almost everyday for the past week and they kept on telling me that they would ship my item tomorrow every time I ask and now they said they would ship it tomorrow again so I dont know what to believe anymore

But thanks so much for the suggestions I will definitely take your take your word and hopefully get a remote and upgrade my batteries once I have the money for it


@ARetardedPillow hi man! I would suggest contacting @willpark16 for a custom battery pack! He has experience building them, his prices are not very high and he can make whatever you ask for in a very short period of time!! What range are you looking for?

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I still have a few left. PM me if you would like one!

Im looking for a battery pack thats under ~180$ and have a range of about 10-15 miles and if possible 8 cells or more, I feel like im asking for a lot for that price range but my ideal battery pack is one that can go for around 10 miles and 10 cells and ofc the more the better, the highest i would go for a battery pack is 250 though, if I spend any more than 250 I would have to eat mcpick 2 for $2.50s for a while haha

Ok, so for $180 you can build an ok battery by yourself. You will not find anyone selling a battery with the specs you want for that much though! There are 2 batteries that LOU offers. They just came out and I’m not 100% sure they are 18650, and that they are good and if they have a BMS and how you would charge them) They are both 10s for sure though! Contact LOU and ask them all the question you want!! Next you can try speak to InBoard about their battery: They have 15% off of it so $212.5 but the charger is pretty expensive for it so talk to inboard as well and maybe they’ll give it to you for free or much cheaper when you buy a battery!

None of these will get you 10 miles (I don’t think) but you’ll get pretty close!

Otherwise, contact @willpark16 for a custom. You can probably have a 10s1p battery built out of Konion 30A 3120mAh for around $250 with charger, BMS… talk to him. That can get you 10 miles (possibly)))


Thanks bro I’ll pm him!

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I had this same exact issue, they failed to send my VESC in my first order and it took them like three weeks of constant prodding to actually send it through. Their support is really hit or miss. Best experience was actually talking to Dexter, the rest of them are kind of meh.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Im thinking of a lot of options right now like making my own battery pack, buying one off supower, buying one off willpark16, and lipo batteries doesnt sound too bad too but I was cruising through ebay yesterday and [this] ( caught my attention, I know that ebay batteries are somewhat sketchy but im looking to experiment with these and the same seller also sells these which im thinking of buying, if these work well I might get another pack and wire it in parallel

I think yiu might be able to do this pack for 180 I did it for around that and its super

Thanks so much I think this is exactly what im looking for

Ive done it look at this

Wow that looks really nice and clean, how do you charge the batteries?

Im thinking of adding a bms to that battery setup and Im getting really confused on wiring the 5 2s balance cables to the bms

Ill send u diagram it only looks hard but its not… Ill help u out

I love this set up dont for get u only have 10 wires so u dont use the black wire only yellow then red on each pack