First E-Board build on a low budget!

Hi Everyone!

I’m finally ready to start my first E-Board build, but frankly am unsure of what parts to go with, so I am hoping to get help from this awesome community!

My wants/needs for this board are fairly simple: I’d like to keep it relatively cheap (sub $300 if possible)

  • I feel this budget could be possible as I already have a complete longboard, as well as a friend with a plethora of tools at my disposal (including welding for a motor mount if needed)

I’d like a single motor mount for casual riding Regenerative Braking (i’m unsure if this is standard with all ESC’s) I’d only be riding around 15mph average (20 if im feeling daring haha) Ability to climb very minimal hills at an acceptable speed Hopefully a good amount of milage/ride time if my budget allows it

I understand the concept of not going cheap on components, however i’ll be a casual rider on this first build, and I don’t need the BEST components around, just the right parts to get me by.

I’m looking forward to growing in this community, and i’d greatly appreciate any help and advice I can get!

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Search the board for good used parts. Don’t waste your time or money on cheap new parts. They are going to be junk. There are a few guys selling good, proven parts right now.

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alright, any in particular you’d reccommend?

Torqueboards for mounts (unless you are welding) and hobbyking for outrunner motors and lipo batteries. Space cell should be good, but its overpriced and you can make it yourself for half the cost. Buy a good charger (genuine IMAX). I would get a 192kv 6374 motor from HK and run it on 6S. with a vesc. Thats what I would do if I could redo my build again. VESC- $100 2* 3S Lipos at 20C- $45 HK outrunner- 90$ ($60-80 is you go for a higher KV) Motor mount kit from Torqueboards- $75 Separately purchased drive kit- $60 for a 12-15mm belt setup OR buy torqueboards drive kit which is $120 includes motor mount and belt/pulleys at 9mm And a charger- 30$ Total is gonna round up to $400 with shipping and extra belts and metal bolts plus $100 labor if you time costs money. PS you can save: $40 on the esc with a 1/8 car esc $80 by making your own motor mount $20 on the charger buy buying a 3S charger $20 on the motor with going for like 230-295kv Hope I helped.

I have an enertion motor mount I might be willing to part with.

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Just wondering paris or caliper?

Go caliber and then you don’t have to monkey around with alignment on the tapering hanger.

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They work with caliber and enertion trucks.

thanks, I appreciate the offer! However I think i’m going to make and weld my own mount to cut down cost!

awesome thanks for all of the info! and i should be able to make the motor mount via my friend who has the sufficient tools! As far as my time being worth money, this should be a weekend project, putting it together whenever the time is there, lol. I may have a battery charger from an old Traxxas RC car, so I may be able to save on that too!

What trucks do you have?

No worries. I’m not offended. Lol

That’s because enertion trucks are calibers.

Also… @JT_Clemente i have mounts for $60 and nice ABS enclosures. I’m also going to be listing some more Enertion parts soon.

Yeah, I’m aware they’re caliber clones.

Another question for everyone, how do i decide what pulleys/gears for my wheel and motor? Does the amount of teeth matter when building?

What size wheels are you going to run? What kind of wheel? What voltage setup are you building? What motor are you using? How fast do you want to go?

Absolutely, the number of teeth matters. Everything in your build effects it’s performance.

I’m still not exactly sure of the parts i’m going with, as I’m in the beginning stages of planning, but I’m leaning toward the ESC and Motor in @stuxtruth 's build that he’s parting out. The Tacon 160 245kV Motor and the Hobbywing Xerun 150a ESC seem to fit my needs if i’m not mistaken.

I will most likely get flywheels (so I don’t have to drill through regular wheels) The size of those wheels haven’t been decided yet as I want some input on how big I should go. I realistically will only be going 15mph average, with some extra speed to spare if the situation demands. Finally, i’d like the ability to handle your average hill at a reasonable (not crawling) speed. Nothing too steep.

So, @6s with your batteries 83mm wheels 245kv motor Motor pulley 14t Wheel pulley 36t You’ll have around a 18mph top speed.

Awesome thank you! With that setup, how far do you think i’d get on one charge? I weigh only around 120lbs.

Depending on your Amp Hours (mah) you can pull 15-20 miles