First time build! Never going to start if I don't post this

Hi guys,

I have been reading the forum for a while and trying to figure out what my build will consist of but I have made little if any progress.

To avoid assaulting you with a wall of text Ill try presenting information in a structured way.

CuriousSavage’s build


mostly cruising around for fun, maybe for commuting from the subway to work/home.




SF bay area (east bay) - Its kind of hilly here but its mostly flat where I live. There is one place I might like to use it to get to that is up a hill.


in order of importance:

  • easy to maintain - I would love a board with a charging port/bms so I can Just plug into a laptop charger.
  • range - rethinking this, I originally wanted really long range (15-20 miles) but to be honest I doubt I will be going on really long rides
  • speed - maybe 15-20mph top speed (not totally sure how fast I will be comfortable with ). Not really a daredevil so going really fast is not a priority.



the lower the better (to keep the wife happy). But I understand that quality has a cost so willing to bite the bullet a little.

parts I have

as of 1-27-16. i have ordered:

parts I’m looking at

I’m not really set on any of these parts. To be honest I kind of got lost while trying to research this. I know the battery I’m thinking of building only sort of matches my wishlist so I’m willing to consider other options. I looked at the space cell and the 6s4p epower pack. If I have complete plans I wouldn’t mind building my own pack. I’m just not sure if that’s a great idea.

Thank you in advance to anyone who drops in here.


Best place to get your vesc:


Save some money get your vesc from here:


I agree with @Charster10. Ollin Vescs are top quality and they come with a warranty. I’ve been running a pair of them for some time now and they have been very dependable. I highly recommend getting the optional heatsink package. It’s pretty easy to get 20-25 mph and 10-15 mile range at 10s voltage and 5000mah capacity using Lipos with a high C rating.

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As long as you know what you’re doing and read a lot before messing with your vesc you should not need a warranty. I say save some money and buy from DIY, axle or vanda. I have a DIY VESC and wasn’t very happy with the quality but after replacing a few connectors that were mishaped by too much heat, trimming a few through hole legs that were poking into the main leads and reflowing a few components that had cold joints, it looked solid. If I had no experience with electronic, I would have 100% returned it as it was just a matter of time before something in it burned or shorted.

If you don’t want to deal with this kind of stuff. I recommend you buy from ollinboards. I would still do a very thorough inspection of it though.

I would get my motor from @JLabs. Only thing is it doesn’t come with any hardware but i see your mount does.

You’re still missing a pulley system too.

thanks everyone for your advice.

One thing I’m still a little unsure about is some motor mounts say they only work with certain motor sizes. The Turnigy motor I listed says the diameter is 59mm but the mount says it only works for 63mm motors.

No idea where to buy pulleys or how to choose too…

@Namasaki will I have enough space with a 26" wheelbase for that battery?

do you know of anyone on the forums that bought the battery from that site?

my shortest wheelbase is 32" I’m sure 26" is doable but you will need to use either A123 26650 cells or Lipos in order to get enough power with a small enough footprint. The problem with that 12s2p 18650 li-ion pack that your looking at is it will only deliver 40-50 amps max. I tried running 12s when I started. Yes, its noticeably more powerful than 10s but it was not very dependable for me. I’ve been running 10s for a while now and it’s plenty fast enough and very dependable. Everything runs cooler on 10s, motors and electronics. With your budget, you would probably be better off with Lipos. The 5 lipo packs I used on my build only cost around $130. The BMS I’m using was only around $60 I would highly recommend getting e-skate motor from one of the vendors in this forum. 63mm is the standard. The Hobby King motors will work but I just think the motors sold by e-skate vendors are better quality and they’re not that much more money. Diyelectric is a good source in the USA fro 63mm motors Allienpower if your in the UK or EU Enertion if your in Australia I’m currently using motors from Allienpower. They’re shipping to USA was pretty fast. I have also used Diyelectric’s 63mm motors and they are good as well and have 8mm long shafts which give more options for pulleys.

Ok, I’m going to do build your battery pack @Namasaki

I am looking at this motor will I need the one with the high W limit?

if you’re buying lipos then you might want to consider this, i just ordered 12 4s 5500 mah lipos for $130, way more than i should ever need

those look a lot like the motors that Torqueboards sells. If your gonna do a dual drive, get the 6355 If you gonna do a single drive, get the 6374

I just finished my 2nd build with the same battery setup.


I’m ordering more stuff tonight I hope.

I did the layout a little differently on this one.

so it looks like the main change is the voltmeter (little round thing?) and the other board (transmitter?) between bms and batteries?

Or are there some wiring changes too?

Where do I buy that bestech bms? Are there vendors on aliexpress?ms? Are there vendors on aliexpress?

the round thing is the power switch. the red square circuit board is the meter. Alien Power systems used to sell Bestech BMS’s. Don’t know if they still do or have any in stock. You can order directly from Bestech but they have a minimum 2 per order. The good news is that their delivery time is good and they accept PayPal. Here is an example of total cost:

I’m thinking of ordering more boards so if you want, we could do a group buy. Assuming your in the USA

I might be interested in that depending on the timeline.

I can just add an extra to my order and hold it for you. I can cover the upfront cost

So you are ordering very soon? If so then I’m in