Hi! This is my going to be my first build and I need help deciding on my batteries and charger. I am 125 pounds and want to go ~25 mph with around 10+ miles of range. I already researched most of my parts and need help deciding on batteries (probably LiPos), I read this post by @onloop about batteries and have some idea but can’t decide on what specific batteries I want to use. Here’s the parts, tell me what you guys think::blush:

If you have used these parts before, please share your experience? Budget is ~$850 for deck and electronics!

BOARD: Deck: Loaded Icarus

Wheels Orangatang Kegel 80 mm (80a Orange)

Trucks Caliber Trucks Cal II 50°

Bushings Orangatang Nipples (Soft/Orange)


MECHANICAL PARTS: Pulley/Belt: Might buy a few spare belts from this website. collections/electric-skateboard-pulley-belt-combo-kits/products/36t-kegel-pulley-combo-kit collections/electric-skateboard-motor-mounts/products/single-bolt-on-motor-mount-set-only-black


VESC: Has anyone had problems with Ollin Board’s VESC by @chaka? I’ve heard they are worth the higher price and have and that they have excellent customer service.

Motor: Again, has anyone had any problems with this?

Remote/Reciever: TorqueBoards remote or the Nano-X from Enertion, thought the Enertion remote is more pricey at ~$100 (40 dollars more, worth?). collections/remote-controller/products/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller



CHARGERS: Can anyone link to single plug charging solutions for batteries connected in series? And how to wire a battery percentage indicator?

I might have missed it, but what Voltage do you want to run?

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How many cells are you looking at doing. I don’t have any experience with ollin vesc but have heard nothing but good things. You want to make sure that your vesc motor and batteries are all compatible I would say they are but you want to make sure also are you doing a single motor?

@MrHappy I’m not sure, any suggestions in terms of voltage?

@briman05 Correct, I will be using a single motor for now, as it only needs 1 VESC. I might upgrade in the future, who knows.

6s 8s or 10s. You choose, the higher the s count, the higher the top speed is.

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woah, I have a loaded icarus deck if you need one. Im willing to let go for a low price

@MrHappy I think I might wire two 5S Batteries in series for 10S total?

@TheSteelBaron Haha, thanks for the offer, I think I’ll buy new though, :slight_smile:

Hard to recommend without a budget

Well the 2 5s in series will only make it a 10s with what ever mah the batteries are so you would need it atleast 3 with one in parallel to increase the mah to get 10 miles

12S2P 6000mAh

Super Slim, Fits nicely under Icarus and comes with single plug charger.

If you are going to use 10s you will need a lower kv motor. 190kv is perfect for 10s

@willpark16 I want to say for the board w/ electronics ~$850. I’ll add it to my main post.

Not bad good budget

Dont go for that motor. Its only a 5055. If you are settle on 10s, go for the sk3 6374 192 for raw power, or a sensored 6374 from diy or similar

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Okay, thanks.

So how many mah should I have on each battery?

I would recommend focbox. My friend bought the DIY vesc and the DRV fried on a bench test. Focbox has DRV protection, DIY’s has not

Yep lots of people have problems with the DIY vescs. Including myself, I fried my DRV but because I was trying to run FOC. He will likely be fine in BLDC mode