Fish Hook (in reverse) - Thumb option for the mini remote - Files added 01.18.19

Okay the the lipo I have actually said 3.7v 300mah - I understand the need for the regulator now.

I’ve got mine together but it will be awhile before my board is finished to test it.

One thing I can say is finding space for regulator battery and charger board to fit in the bottom of the handle is very snug. I definitely used wires that were too thick. It is together though and it closes. :+1:


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Nicely done! I have an idea on how to solve the battery thing, but will take some time to actually do it



Charging light is nice too :+1:

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Duct tape be because the only part that hasn’t come in is the screws :joy: I’m sure I could get the screws to put it together at the hardware store?

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yeah, the one issue with this remote is that even when the remote is turned off, the battery continues to drain. Mine is dead after a day of just sitting. This means i will have to charge it before every single ride.

How can we fix this?

You are right. Mine drains after 3 days. One way to fix this is by using an external switch which will come before the reg. I was too hoocked on using the built it switch that I completely forgot about this. The new switch is already ordered, and I will release modified enclosure very soon.

The beauty of product development :grinning: Dani


Thanks Dani, any chance of a link to the switch?

This is the one I ordered:

Will see how to integrate it Dani


Gives me an idea. Update in a few days

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An update.

Rearranged things inside to fit the on/off switch. Now the output voltage from the 1s charger is going through the switch (pos side) and only then to the regulator. So the reg is working only when switched on - no draining.

Also, not using the original switch might be not so bad idea.

**Apparently there is no space on the forum, so can’t upload pics. There’s one @dosimplecarbon on IG


Check IG/thingiverse boyos, a discussion forum without pictures is like tits on a bull


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20190301_112923 20190301_124356 20190301_131340 20190301_124103


Hey guys

For some reason I can’t edit the first post, along with the title, so the update is here:

New files were added to the same thing:3363745 These are easily identified with “switch” in the name.

The main difference would be the added switch to the bottom of the remote. It goes before the regulator, and so overrides the draining problem. The switch is recessed, so no accidental pressing, only intentional. It is also beefier and arguably better than the original flimsy one.

The internals were moved a little bit and the “control panel” moved from one side to the other. I believe the cable management is more convenient in the new layout.

The basic shape and the thumb control remained as is. 20190304_214105 20190304_214111 20190304_214120

I will update the assembly manual in a couple of days. Thank you everyone who contributed to this project.

Feel free to contact me with any question. As before, if you want printed parts with the internals, DM me and I can send you a full kit.

Enjoy, Dani


Link to purchase switch?


These parts do make more sense when bought in bulk.


This one is for the instructions writeup 20190305_093725

I feel like with this name it can’t be a dull black remote :grinning:

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Here is a quick wiring diagram for the switch: image

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Hey guys

I realize I’m waay past due on the update. But I have a really good reason, my second child was born (a girl) 13 days ago, so naturally everything else shifted back.

I’ve published a new post with pictures about the switch, check it here

Was commuting to work during the week with the updated version and there’s no draining issues, so go ahead and give it a try. 20190320_144841

If you want to have the components or the entire kit, please pm me and I’ll have it shipped for you.

Also, I have several cases printed of the old version. As @b264 mentioned, it might be used with direct lipo, pm me if you want one of these.

Enjoy, Dani