Fish Hook (in reverse) - Thumb option for the mini remote - Files added 01.18.19

Really? I got these from thingiverse :confused: thought they would be the newest no?

Nevermind lol. I see the difference now lol. Sorry

I see the difference now… where can i get updated files then?!

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oh wait, so these are correct then?

Post a picture of the two piece looking inside them. More from a top view. Make sense?

See the screw @ the top of the remote? Do you have that hole?


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You’re good lol. I couldn’t see that top screw hole in the other

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No worries. Trust me I appreciate the concern. Better safe than figuring out I had the old files later.

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I think the only part of this whole instruction manual I can’t wrap my head around is making that little regulator. Anyone care to explain how I wire that? Not familiar with working with boards like that :confused:

Hey Dani thanks for the share, I’m waiting on some bearings and a regulator image

Maui says hi


Looking good! Just to make sure: the files on Thingiverse are the final version. There is no other files version out there.

I released the files after the feedback from you guys, so there might be pictures of the older case.

Excited to see your builds! Dani


I’ve added the wiring diagram to the manual. Let me know if this is clear. Dani

You’ve got thd whole package!

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Here you go: 20190122_103655 20190122_103638


So I don’t know a lot about soldering pcbs, does the protoboard to build the resistor have to be 1 sided, or does it not matter?

One sided will work best

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Thanks. Reason why? Just curious

Personal experience, nothing more. The components are soldered on one side only. I guess less probability of shortening stuff.

I’ll try to make a video or more close up pictures for the reg making (given I’ll get the parts in the near future)


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that would be awesome. It’s the only part i see myself having any difficulty with but im sure i can figure it out. All my parts will be in by Feb.

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