Flipsky 6.6 group buy IT'S ON. 120$ w/ 2 DAY SHIPPING AND TRACKING USA

usa group buy only. there’s another for EU and i think another for Asia.

we are getting the one above including the heatsink but NOT with the switch. you have to find your own switch. (i’ll post up when sure but think it must be a 24v or possibly a 12v)

paypal address: [email protected]

fill in the form too https://goo.gl/forms/ctMWBhklPNl4oc4R2


Count me in on interested! :smile:

if youre counting yourself in you have to get 2. make this thing go quick and if we get the people tonight i’ll order


Great price, cheaper than a focbox

yuuuuuuuuuuuupppppp yup ummm humm. yes

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How many do you need for the GB, a friend of mine is building an e-mtb, might have him pick these up.

Need to order 20. Probably 14 more.

Damn man, I got 2 of them 5 days ago :frowning:

and someone is getting like 10 so if youre interested in this best put your name here and likely ordering tonight

These are decent ESCs for sure. I have a pair we’re testing at the moment. Most notably the brakes are very nice.


How big are these things? Will 2 for in the Hummie deck with 10s5p (flat) or is that a stretch? Looks like they’re bigger than focboxes.

The specs are on the website. Click the link.

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FLIPSKY: 74mm x 45.5mm x 10mm FOCBOX: 64mm x 64mm x 22mm

I need a reminder since I’ve always been bad with measurements, this is L * W * H right?


Dang, barely won’t fit in the Hummies unless I rout out about a cm.

Np will stick with ordering focboxes.

@hummie get them down to $110, come on you can do it! :slight_smile:

I’m probably in for a pair.

Count me in for a pair as well. I don’t need them desperately so if we can get a bigger order to lower the price I’m down as well.

I wan’t to get in on this but I only need 1. No US shipping needed though, i can pick it up from you.

I want 2 hehe

I might be in for two, if I can scrounge up the dough.

I’ll go in for 2, I’m trying to upgrade to a VESC anyway and I don’t think I’ll find anything better for $240 total. Plus this should be at least slightly better than the FOCBOX or ESCape, right?