Flipsky Bluetooth (nrf51) not detected on Iphone SE

Hi, I’ve tried to connect my Iphone on the BT module, but my phone doesn’t detect it. I’ve activate the PPM+UART mode and set it to 9600 bauds in vesc-tool.

Is there something else I should do? Thank you.

Are you using an app to connect to it? I use xmatic with my iphone and it works with no problem.

Before buying an app, first I wanted to try to connect directly on the phone, as some says the Flipsky module works with Iphone and some says it’s not.

Can you detect the module in your Iphone BT setting too, or just with the app?

It only shows up on the bluetooth screen after I connect it through an app.

Your baud-rate should also be at 115200.

OK. I read it was supposed to be st at 9600…

9600 is for hm-10 modules

All right. Thanks. Is there another app ( free) I could try to be sure my module is working with my Iphone?

Not that I know of. If you have an android you could check.

I’d just buy the app. Its only a few bucks and you have a bluetooth module already, and you need the app to read telemetry anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I have planned to buy this app, but I don’t think my firmware is compatible yet (3.61).

downgrade to an older firmware :slight_smile:

There are a lot of Bluetooth module which are undetectable by your phone directly but can through an app.

No way! It tooks me 2 years to finaly decide to install my vescs on my board, don’t ask me to touch it again :grinning: (and furtheremore, I see I need to upgrade my IOS too to install it)

Just also gonna throw this out here

Yes, but some people managed to make it work anyway. Someone left a message on their website on the BT page. That’s why I bought it despite they says it won’t work on Iphone.

Well, I just bought this: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/new-version-2-1-ios-eskate-vesc-app-for-standard-and-ackmaniac-fw/32340

It’s working!

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The module does work for iphones. I believe “can only support android mobile device” on flipsky’s website refers to the vesc-tool app.

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yay! unfortunately the data map website is no longer active so that feature is out :frowning:

… and I just tried to change values of the VESC within the app and it fucked-up my setting.

At least I know my bluetooth module is working :wink:

what do you mean by this?

I mean: one of the vesc didn’t work anymore after the upload, so I had to reconfigurate it in vesc-tool and still I’m having a minor issue.

What happened is, when I opened the app, it shows me a wrong value in motor max: IMG_9288

I entered a correct value “35” (and corrected the wrong battery number too ) and “upload” and then the front motor wouldn’t work anymore. I reconfigured it in vesc-tool, and the app still shows me the curious number.

But now the front engine is having an issue when full throttle unloaded (not launching but hesitate to go). I don’t know if it is linked but I didn’t have this issue before playing with this app. I hope the vesc is OK… Still launching perfectly when I’m on it, so.