Flipsky dual esc group buy 130$

just as before. here it is

and here’s where you need to fill in the form https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1ak5eUwpS4wBmHSVPdw_862PvcoRRrHKPZIPnRpab5xA/edit

Flipsky have shown to be fast at getting them out and i get them out quickly as well and you get tracking and usps priority which is maybe two days shipping.

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That was faster to arrange than I though @hummie! Lol.

Here you go @ElectricCoast :laughing:

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Purchased 2 of them from you and paid via pp Hummie. Thanks

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might squeeze you in the first buy as theyre shipping wednesday. tell you if not and how long will be otherwise, …otherwise assume youre in and coming wednesday

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OK sounds good. No worries either way. Thanks for all your hard work!

and the bad news…i just got…its not this wednesday and “next wednesday” means NEXT wednesday. so we have a week and couple days. sorry folks surprise to me. the 6.6s came immediately. if you want your bucks back pm me and easy. but they do ship very fast, like 3 days, and i can get them to you in 2 to 3 days after with usps priority.

I’m all good Hummie, No rush here. Thanks for the update.

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Jist curious which batch shipment I was in

oo that was a mistake and just corrected it and this is the only flipsky dual group buy that has happened. due to be shipped this coming wed.

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@Hummie any updates on the order?

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Purchased one. PP sent. Thanks

I held off and will order tonight. They’ll be here before end of next week.


Yes! Hope I’ll get it by the end of next week. Can’t wait :smiley:

new to the forums, just paid you as well @Hummie ! Thanks for the hard work!

(accidentally paid you $120, but sent another $10 payment :smiley: )

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I had two packages lost recently using usps priority. Never happened before and now twice. Usps priority is insured for only 50$ standard I think and have to confirm that but writing to offer more insurance. I’ll find the details on cost and if u want to do it we can figure it before I ship. They should be shipped to me today. Xxxxxx

Did you buy any extra that I can pay for now @Hummie?

I don’t think so. I’m more interested in the 6.6 as I always run foc. But after they come will do another group buy n likely in stock

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Hey Hummie, will we get tracking numbers when you ship?

Thanks in advanced!

yes. ill post them up more visible this time.

UK Shipping possible?