FLIPSKY groupbuy AGAIN 120$ including usa shipping with tracking

exactly as before. comes with the heatsink but no button. we go to 20 orders and then send it in. they’ve shown to be fast.

you fill in this form:


here’s the thread from the last one and has more info:

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if people arent going to do it this time i guess i’ll shut it down and return bucks. or maybe people didnt realize it was happening as the last one lasted like 3 days till filled.

Maybe the thread got pushed downward so people may have missed it? Or you’re moving faster than people can get their monies ready lol

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they ship in 8 days.

testing has been going well. evohyax kicked his bike up to 120 motor amps and been doing sustained 3000 watts with one on foc with peaks of 3200


Want to bump this thread. @Hummie are we anywhere close to 10 orders needed?

we have till wednesday…

I’ll get another 2. Fill out the form and pay? Or fill out the form and pay when/if we hit 10.

fill in the form and pay and if we dont get to 20 i’ll refund you.

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we’re gunna make it. going in tonight if you want to get in on it pay by midnight.

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Are my 2 6.6 fsescs in this one now? :blush:

imagine so. be only a couple days and they ship fast.


Awesome just wanted to confirm. Then have it shipped with my deck over to tiller and should be good!

The final moments! In my mind it’s a great deal. Sending over to them in an hour if u want in.

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@hummie do you know if the dual will fit in ur deck?

I don’t know. The dimensions are on their site. I imagine it will no prob. The 6.6s almost fit beside each other n the hole is 145mm diameter

I had two packages lost recently using usps priority. Never happened before and now twice. Usps priority is insured for only 50$ standard I think and have to confirm that but writing to offer more insurance. I’ll find the details on cost and if u want to do it we can figure it before I ship. They should be shipped to me today.

I’m interested in buying one of these escs with shipping to Canada. But if you can’t ship it to Canada I can get it shipped to a forwarder in the United states

I might have to grab one of these after all if you do another order @Hummie Good to have a backup for the R1, especially since it won’t be going over 10s

they came in …will be shipping tomorrow.


Does that mean you will start another group buy soon?