Flipsky VX2...any thoughts?

Flipsky VX2

Looks pretty cool, might get one

I will definitely get one :smiley:

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I’m expecting mine on Tuesday.


Am going to get one too, fingers crossed for unity compatibility. The VX1 worked with Unity so I hope this does too. Was going to get the VESC wand because that thing looks amazing, but doesn’t work with Unity. :frowning:

How did you already get it? I though it was a new product. I order mine last week and it said pre sale and won’t ship until August 15th.

For $79.99 you bet Im getting 2!( for me and my gf) I have the vx1 and love it! For $20 more this is a deal. I just hope it is as comfortable as the vx1. Vx1 is super comfortable atleast compared to the nano.



Is this lifetime milage (odometer) or trip?


So the screen doesn’t function properly but it does control the board? I see you’re using the UART connection, how about PPM?

Tell me more!

Based on my conversation with Flipsky previously, the VX2 wi be a UART only remote…no ppm :sweat_smile:

I asked nicely and am possibly wanting more of these. (got a load of friends who will need controllers for their boards) I’ve tried to get my focbox to recognise it but had no luck (UART) Also connected up to PPM and just got a bad signal. I will try again without so much rum and see if I can get a better result. I have a flipsky 6.6 dual mini I will give a go with. Comes in a lovely box.

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Doesn’t work but the box is nice lol

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How comfortable is it to hold?

Is it a entirely different remote then the vx1 internally? I have flipsky 6.6plus and 4.2 so I hope compatibility isn’t a issue.

honestly starting to regret getting a unity, no good remote works with it.

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It only support uart, I have sent flipsky instructions how they could support unity, but still dont know if they will do it.

Its feels good, but the throttle feels a little to easy to slip, I just got a test unit so maybe they will improve it. I know the display and case will be alot better for the customers then this test remote I got.

@mackann: Do you know if it is lifetime mileages or trip?

Sorry i dont since i could not test the telemetry yet because i only have unitys and its not working with unity