FOC at 12S anyone?

Anyone doing FOC at 12S yet?

What kinds of limitations are you seeing?

I haven’t tried it out yet, since i’ve moved to sensored motors i’ve been obsessed with Hybrid mode. But i recently ordered some panel mount micro and mini USB cables for my boards so when i get them back on my own i’m going to give in to my urge to randomly try different settings on things at a whim for science since i won’t have to drop my box and make a day of it anymore.

i just switched to hybrid last week, had some pretty bad issues with vesc cable…have you been using FOC at all? ive considered it after having so many vesc cutoutts… anyways not to derail your topic, i really want to try FOC though… i will have to read the faq on it first, i dont even know how to set it up yet =)

Haha, I remember when Jason and others would scoff at people for wanting to run sensored saying “Is it that hard to just kick?” I’ve always run sensored and wouldn’t do it any other way.

I believe @evoheyax runs 12s FOC on hubs and Ollin VESC4 (non-direct fets). I’m planning to run FOC as well (though on 10s, but still high eRPM) once I get my focboxes. Which VESCs are you planning to test with?

I have been running foc at 12s on my larger motors… no problems.

It is true, and up to 3 out of 4 motors sensored also! Broke the tool opening up the 4th motor yesterday, haha.

There’s no limitations. Everything just runs perfectly. These are upgraded VESCs though, so I wouldn’t say this about any old VESC v4.

FocBoxes of course. Then I’ll try it on generic 4.12s to see if i can release some of that glorious magic smoke. Then 'll probably try it on a set of AXLEs if the FocBoxes work out with it.

@chaka Thanks! Any advice on settings?

Upgraded? 'Splain. Stacking caps or what?

Well… We all know chaka has always been ahead with the upgrades on the VESC. I’m still running his custom quad VESCs with no issues.

I’m really curious to see his newest v4 design that he stated can likely do 70a continuous.

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With axle (and pretty sure ollin and probably focbox) vesc at least, it has double stacked c37 caps, and I believe c26 is upgraded from the initial design as well.

You may want to use the new vesc-tool, it is better at motor calibration than the bldc-tool. I also recommend using a 4.7uf and 2.2uf capacitor at c18 and c26. I have found a variety of caps performs better since different values perform better at different frequencies. Just something I have recently began exploring in order to optimize for FOC function.


The new VESC tool supports h/w4.xx as well?

I’ll see if i can get my hands on the new vesc tool this weekend.

One of the things i want to do with my boards is offer USB programming ports standard since the majority of my customers are enthusiasts and i either get them from forums like this or they end up here because i sent them here.

Which of course means i need to up my tuning game because the questions will follow, so i need to start getting into it a lot more instead of primarily creating and loading known good configs for particular scenarios. And people are asking about FOC which is something i’ve been too busy to explore more than just read a bit about it.

Oh forgot the links to these. They’re perfect for DIY builds. No more opening boards for programming. And they’re cheap.

FocBox, maytech, flier, and others with Micro B:

The more traditional 4.12 Mini B:

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Yes it does! It does not allow the freedom of configuration the bldc-tool allows but he did include a firmware version without limits if you wanna fry some hardware.


Why not offer an HM-10 module instead so users can program single/dual VESCs from their phone!

@chaka an post link’s with proper part’s from mouser for the c18 and c26 ?

4.7uf @ 16v, 2.2uf 2 16v

Make sure you get the right package size, all there is to it!

Eventually, yes. Haven’t had a chance to test those as thoroughly as i’d like or work them into the model yet. But yes, that’s where i’d like to be by next year.

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Sounds like something someone selling uncensored motors would say. Oh wait…

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Motors gone wild?


Totally out of control motors! lol

un-sensored lol non-sensored? sans sensors… heh… the last one is the only one without squiggly red spell check lines.

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