FOCBOX DRV8302 Error

Hello all,

I just had one of my motors stop spinning out of the blue and I found out that one of my FOCBOX’s running BLDC just got the DRV8302 error out of nowhere. The other motor running the same settings is running fine. I have already contacted enertion support, but I wanted to see if the community had a faster solution. Attached is a photo of my error.

Where are you located? There are a few people here that can replace the DRV.

Check your motor phase wires and look for a short, that might cause the DRV to blow.

You can try reflashing the FW on it with either BLDC Tool or the newer VESC Tool. If that doesn’t work, you’ll likely need repairs. Depending on where you’re located there are different options available for repair. If you’re in the US, I’m the closest, but there are plenty of alternatives if you’re in a different area.

Does reflashing ever work? My Tb vesc has drv but I can’t see any damage at all on the chip

@ggalisky Already answered you on the support ticket I think your FOCBOX is fried due to incorrect values.

1: Batt Max for 10s system will be maximum 30A and yours is 50A which is high for the 10s system. 2: ERPM value is also high, recommended value is 60000 and your is 100000 which is high 3: Input voltage recommended for FOCBOX is 50.4 maximum, your is 57 which is high.

Please provide the demanded images on the Support ticket

please elaborate what problem this setting can cause and why

As per my knowledge and tech team, FOCBOX can handle maximum 60A continuous But due to difference in motor amps and battery amps, it has to be adjusted accordingly for the 10s and 12s system, our tech team advised that voltage higher than 50.4 will make the system to produce extra heat. (if values are not adjusted accordingly) 50.4 is the recommended value by our tech team.

That’s what I understand! This guide is provided to set up your FOCBOX by our tech team

AFAIK this can cause brake failures when motors are inducing higher voltage than 50.4V which can happen when rolling downhill.

i don’t really know if i should trust your techteam right now.


If you know about Bara Jabali then I think you might trust our tech team As he is the head of tech team.

@barajabali could you please elaborate to me why the setting needs to be set at 50.4V? How do you prevent overvolting when going downhill?

@CarlCollins Max Input voltage parameter should stay at 57V or else your going to get a few none wanted error. The default parameter from Enertion is 57



I’ve advised as per the guide provided by Bara

His guide, provide the physical maximum Voltage that is warranty for working … not the parameter


Hmmmmm. Default has always been 57v. Could you pleasr double check this @CarlCollins

Will confirm again with Bara

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What do you need me to confirm? @JohnnyMeduse is correct. 57v, or else your voltage spikes could cause errors and cutoffs

The 50.4v is for the physical battery voltage. That’s the voltage of a fully charged 12s battery.


@barajabali The Voltage, you’ve confirmed it already. thank you

@CarlCollins You should really consider letting the guys that KNOW what they are talking about deal with these issues. Your posts are getting ridiculous and I can see why some are reluctant to trust your team.

"If you know about Bara Jabali then I think you might trust our tech team As he is the head of tech team"

This ^^^ is about the only thing I can trust from your posts so far.



Thank you so much for your feedback which wasn’t required actually :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome. Seems to me your feedback wasn’t required either dude. :wink: