Focbox factory mishap?

As you guys know I have a 4wd drive , anyways was riding like usual when I noticed one of my motors wasent spinning so I got home open the sucker up and at first I thought I fried the motor or something. I swapped the vesc and motor work , so then I thought DRV error because FOC hooked it up to computer no error code but won’t supply power to the motor , things that I noticed when I opened it the heatsink for the phase wire chips the sticker was not taken off at factory and potentially ruining my phase wire connections I did solder my connections and resolderd my connections to check still nothing , my only conclusion was the sticker was ever taken off and the phase wire chips were never cooled . Anyone else want to chime in a conclusion. Also I noticed that the vesc does not blink red/purple on start up like the other 3 vesc. Things that bother me even if it was factory fault I got 4.5bullet connectors so I won’t get a replacement so if anyone is willing to sell Me a focbox pm please need one.

Your DRV is burned… pin 29… Your buck regulator is dead so the stmf4 isn’t getting power.

Replace the drv and it will likely be ok.


oh woah, nice catch

Second post I’ve seen here about these stickers not removed. This is a thermal pad, right? So when my two focboxes come tomorrow, I assume it would be wise to check that this has been done… eh?


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I’ll just buy another one fix the other one later but no one has them selling rn , I also had conservative settings dam 32amps bat and 65amps on motors. Can’t be water damage my enclosure is sealed with weather sealing

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Your D4 looks miscolored too.

Which is part of the buck circuit

D4 is Alright… It is the right component.


Im just going off pictures. You are the wizard :slight_smile:

should I open my focbox and make sure that the sticker on the heatsink is really gone? My only worry being about thermal performance.

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when things like this happens, are the factories responsible? it really messes things up for the company selling them.

Yeah, why not !!! It look like someone got too drunk during Chinese new year, and wasn’t up to the task when he went back to work.


Yeah, but what can you do about it, Sadly those kinds of thing are meant to happen when you ramp up production.

i would hope that the factory offers a warranty to enertion, considering the final product bears a sticker saying QC passed

check this out… from my raptor 2

edit: wait, actually, not from the raptor 2. this was the housing from the vesc i removed to replace the raptor 2 because the usb came off and needed to be resoldered.

But what about all this road debris on the fets?

QC is Passed on the PCB not the assembly, and these kind of issue are pretty hard to find upon test and visual inspection since it doesn’t really affect the functioning and it is a place where you can’t really see it easily.

Yeah, I saw those, That the kind of things that screw you over.

Can someone tell me what tool Do i need to open the back?

just unscrew it and then see if the sticker is on there, it’s not hard

-___- what tool.