Focbox factory mishap?

lol… i think it’s a 2mm hex

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2,5mm hex :wink:

Edit: you can also use a flat screwdriver a dremel and a torch, but I could ended up not being covert by the warranty after :man_shrugging:


Looks like my smallest hex doesn’t go into the screw…


do not use a torch! lol


:crazy_face::crazy_face::crazy_face: :man_facepalming:


Haha I read this and thought " yeah, of course it wouldn’t be covered anymore. It will be puddle."


I’m not sure this would be considered “ramping up” production. It’s more like they started a new season with already paid for product by the consumer (in nice words). When a company has customers make a prepayment (just look at the great Cyber Monday sale for instance :wink: ) it wouldn’t be considered ramping up. It would be considered a “group buy” in simple terms here on the forum. We all just waited 4 months for these products when they were supposed to be “in stock”. They weren’t in stock. There’s nothing to ramp up. They are only catching up at this point. :slight_smile:

Instructions unclear opened bank safe.

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Make sure your thermal pads are on guys. Looks like they didn’t pay attention to that also.




I’m so gonna do a thermal paste swap.

I’m not sure, but I think the thermal pads might be more efficient. @JohnnyMeduse would know way more about that though. He knows vescs very well.

I got left Pc thermal paste and If your into computer overclocking then you thermal paste makes a difference.

Like when Intel used/uses crap thermal paste from the Die to the plate on witch the heatsink lands on, Well, people changed that to liquid metal some just high-quality paste and they say 20 degrees improvement.

I’m into computers a little bit. Lol. Just didn’t know for sure how these FETs would do compared to the padding in this application. Let me know how it works for you. I’m really curious.


Hey DUDE… you do realize that first I not only referring to Enertion. But Instead, I’m using my experience to provide accurate information about the struggle of Rampin up production, in a field I’ve been working for the past 12Year, these kind of issue are happening to any growing companies who are trying to outsource their production.

i won’t recommend using something like since it has to be evaluated first to make sure the dielectric is sufficient not to short everything at high current. If you want to use it it is at you OWN risk.


My paste is non-conductive. I know at own risk, It’s more of an idea Probably won’t do it. “is metal-free and non-electrical conductive which eliminates any risks of causing short circuit”

I know dude. It wasn’t a personal attack or anything. Just speaking from a business standpoint. Enertion has been one big kickstarter campaign since the reveal of the R2. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Just look at their posts, videos, and everything else. They’re screaming it at us. I was just stating the obvious I guess. Sorry.

But also paste won’t have the same sort of thermals conductivity, since there is a gap between the fet and the heat sink.

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Your making me want to check mine now…

It’s been fine as it’s been cold out…but now I’m curious lol

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just to be clear, if you’re using 4WD with 4 VESC i really CANT imagine burning your drv b/c of overheating. this looks more like the street debris that @deckoz said.

also, because of the direct fets are very efficient and produce less heat than the normal fets.

also this:


Given that I ride at 35mph to 40mph going to school and then two big hills my motors get but not to the touch. Enclosure is weather sealed but guess things happen trying to look for a focbox rn anyone willing to sell me one pm me please