FOCBOX flashing fault repreatly

getting this flashing redlight, can still connect but no power to wheels… I think I broke it…

Oh boy… I’m getting less and less happy about buying two of them for this build.

Type “fault” in the faults tab to see what comes up.

And post screenshots of your settings.

FAULT_CODE_DRV8302 is the error

Failbox is a more appropriate name than focbox

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is there nothing I can do other than buy a new unit… this one only had 10miles on it

Yeah mine had about the same mileage before crapping out, you can get the DRV replaced.

So enertion still has DRV issues?

Chaka 4.12 is still the most reliable IMO. Never fails, and if you make a big enough heat sink, you can do the same as the FOCBOX in performance.

Three weeks ago… FOCBOX is the best… I bought two!

Now… FOCBOX are dying in foc… I cry myself to sleep!

Here’s the thing though, it could be some kind of defect/manufacturing fault that’s making recent focboxs fail but since the only “warranty” option is to buy another for $80. We’ll never know unless enertion discovers something and admits it.

They can’t even fix a sticker issue!!!

I hope we didn’t get this batch, I rebuilt mine just to be sure :neutral_face:

ya im super bummed, I really liked mine =(

The focbox and ESC are nearly identical physically and identical in performance. EXCEPT lists all upgraded components and advises AGAINST FOC even so far as saying using FOC will void your warranty. Now knowing all that I would of course not buy it for the purposes of using FOC at least not in the warranty period since they were nice enough to say it will likely break the esc. Expectations set and met, that’s how you run a business.!/Original-ESK8-controller-1-1-mit-direct-Fet´s-Made-in-Germany/p/88140891/category=15255004

Nha this batch as never see the light of days…

Then it just leaves FOC as the silent killer :smirk:

I was running bldc mode uncensored

Hmm curious Is it a sensored motor/were sensor wires plugged in?

Post some screnshots… maybe you had the old buggy firmware?