FOCBOX not working

So last night I updated my FOBOX to the latest firmware and put it in FOC mode, following all the steps listed and adjusting all necessary values. I went on a short 5 minute ride today and it did fine, but when I came to connect it to my computer to tweak some of the settings it didn’t recognize it and now the FOCBOX doesn’t even work anymore, the light turn on, but even when the controller is connected, the motor does not spin.

Anyone know how to fix it?

What motor kV at what voltage ?hmm open it up pretty sure you got the good old DVR error. Foc is usually try at your own risk.

190kv at the time it was at like 35-36v on a 10s2p battery pack. What is that?

Likely not a DRV error.

Does it still connect to the computer?

No, it connected for a second this afternoon after my ride, but no luck after that

What color are the lights on the focbox when you plug it in?

they are Blue

That’s a good start. Which FW did you upgrade to?

I’m not completely sure since I cant hook it back up again, but it was the latest as I did it last night, and it was the FW that works with the new VESC tool software.

Well. You might have to wait for the vesc experts to wake up but someone will help you troubleshoot. Beyond my vesc experience now.

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Maybe one if the legs of your caps is broken, check on that

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haha thanks for trying man

Where would that be?

Where the colored circles are. There are two metal posts coming off the caps and connect to the focbox. Sometimes they come undone.

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@fuzzyspikez The firmware must be 3.1 all you need is a VESC tool and Windows or MAC PC (Windows is better) After upgrading the digital signature for COM drivers got changed so you have uninstall the COM drivers and re-install virtual COM drivers.

After that Restart your system Disconnect the motor from your system and power on your FOCBOX with USB connected to it. It will identify it (hopefully) Check the Values and adjust them accordingly Disconnect the FOCBOX and connect your complete setup

Then it will work

(Also FOC is not user friendly so please check any burn marks or weird smell from your FOCBOX’s PCB)

I hope this helps

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So you recommend the @Ackmaniac ESC Tool firmware over the stock (new) VESC Tool firmware?

Yeah Ackmaniac one is better


FOC is not user friendly? How so? This is a FOCBox we’re talking about right @CarlCollins? That’s what this device is made for right?

“Yeah Ackmaniac one is better”

It definitely is. :slight_smile: