FOCBOX Unity Dual Motor!

Micro usb is way more robust than mini by design. Will take a lot more conneciton cycles, and has a bit of detent to stay in place. Sorry, too lazy to dig up the specs right now.

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Well mini was the standard before micro came around and I still have plenty of micro cables left kicking around. And I’m not gonna lie I’m not easy on my cables/port that being said my first phone was a T-Mobile G1, which still works to this day, lasted me about 4 years before I wanted an upgrade.

Got an LG Optimus 4x micro USB was terrible on that lasted less than a year. Got a HTC M7 had it for almost 2 years before the micro USB wore out. Bought an M8 which actually ended up having battery issues before the port wore out (I swear it was close tho). And since then I’ve had USB C on my G5 with a removable battery.

Like is getting more than 2 years from a phone really that God Damn much to ask these days?

While I believe that in theory something was lost somewhere along the line be it in cable manufacturing or port manufacturing not being up to spec Idk. My experience on dozens of various devices have been terrible with micro USB of it where just the odd device I’d believe it but in my experience it’s on mass.


@Blasto is that IOS or Android for the mobile app? Where did you find that computer program?

How are you going to waterproof this thing…simply can’t understand why something like that is never taken into account. Still space for an improved design :wink:

the most important will be the price. If it is almost twice the price of focbox, it will be a dealbreaker: if you blow something, you have to replace everything, i prefer redundancy

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People would go 1000% batshit over this in Germany :rofl:


I guess in favour of ventilation?

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no need for ventilation if you have a proper alu enclosure/heatsink.

You really do have the answer to everything don’t you…


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I was wondering why FOCboxes have been on sale for like 6 months now. I have a spare 10S BMS on the way, looks like i may have to put together a second dual board depending on price point of this.

I found one, @Kug3lis


Having screwed up a few FocBoxes, I’m not sure how comfortable I’m with putting all two eggs in one basket if you know what I mean.

Now in case of a break down you not only loose one Focbox… but two! You’ll be out of commision for a month (if not for the entire season with Enertion’s 6 months delivery crawl)

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