FocBox Unity | Hall sensor issue | Hall detection problem

Hello everyone! I have a problem with my FocBox Unity. I’m trying to detect hall sensors in my motor but without any good results. I’ve checked the phase wires, checked hall wires, everything is okay. When I connect motors to normal FocBox, not to Unity, everything is fine. But when I connect motors to Unity it can’t properly detect hall sensors. I’m using RacerStar 5065 motors. I have few of them and always is the same problem - it cannot properly detect hall sensors. I’m attaching screen to this topic.

Waiting for your reply and maybe for problem solution.

Best regards, Bartek

Looks like one of your motor is defective and might be cold solder joints on Unity phase wires, please double check the soldering.

I’ve chcecked soldering on phase wires and on hall wires. As I said - everyting on motor side is okay. So what should I do? Check soldering on Unity’s phase wires?

Yeah! You have to check the Unity side of solders

I checked soldering, everything is okay. I changed connectors nad issue is still the same. I have no idea what the f**k can be wrong…

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Any other ideas? :\

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I would like to check you Unity via remote connection, let me know when we can do it?

When You only want. I’m totally always available

Try swapping your phase wires. I had this same issue, for some reason hall sensors were not detected in one configuration but when I swapped two all was well

I’ve tried that. Please, this is not my first DIY build. I’ve made a lot of them. I’m not noob in this thread :smiley:

Just trying to help. I was dealing with this issue only 4 hours ago and that fixed it

You have changed phase wires in only one motor or in both?

Up your duty cycle during detection, that might help also. Mine were default set to .05, I had to up them to .07 to work

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Both 10char

Wait a minute, I will try to increase duty cycle. You are using FocBoxTool or FocBoxUI ?

I am using VESC tool. You should have the ability to tweak duty cycle in the focboxtool though.

Still same problem :\

I don’t get it, your hall sensors seem to be populating fine on the bottom of the screen. Does it give you an error when you hit “apply”?

Look at values, there are three 255 values. Should be only two.