For Sale - Enertion Rspec Drive Kit ($566)

Selling the rspec drive kit for the price I got it for, willing to ship next day


Price is 587$ Shipped (US ONLY) *(Price Now $566) IMG_20181217_210303 IMG_20181217_210217



Damn, that was quick.

Change of plans?

Yup needed focbox unity, didn’t purchase the combo at the time.

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He just wanted the unity at the discounted price and is looking for someone to cover him for the drives.

Anyway Goodluck :wink: image

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Yeah that’s what I said in the posts above, I said I wanted a unity…



Matched enertion prices.

$500​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:…pp ready


Would be taking way to much of a loss at 500$ as it is brand new…

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I hear you … …:+1:t3:

What’s the warranty on these full-priced hubs?

Is Enertion transferring their warranty to your buyer?

Carl told me only complete boards can have the warranty transfered.

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Thank you. That’s what I thought.

For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why anyone would think we’d pay full price, when we can buy from (and support) enertion, instead.

Then I saw this is listed by a 13-year old?

Who has already posted out here, publicly, that his parents do not know what he’s up to?

@onloop What is our policy on minors buying and trading electric vehicles on your forum, here?

Friends, I’m no attorney and nor do I pretend to be one, yet I know liability when I see it.

One of you guys sells this little boy high-speed parts and he hurts himself, his parents (and very specifically their insurance company) will be very interested in a talk. Maybe your house, too.

For buyers, an online click-through contract (e.g., PayPal terms and conditions) with a minor is not enforceable in the US.

No offense Alan. We’re trying to protect a community that takes a ton of risks as it is with legislation at state and local levels.

We lose friends out here for real, son. Almost one year ago to the day the very man who invited me to this forum died - and Derek was more dedicated to the cause than most of us could ever be.

Community; you’ve been advised. Thank you.


Actually my parents do know what I’m doing. And they support me for using esk8 as a mode of transportation

Who has already posted out here, publicly, that his parents do not know what he’s up to?


Still have $500 :man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:


Haha, nope thinking of just closing this thread

The original reason I wanted to sell was because my tb vesc did not have long enough phase wires and I did not want to mod it, but I still ended up modding my the vesc and everything fits now.

It’s probably because my school is around 4.3 miles from me

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Also wouldn’t it be a liability if a product fails and severly hurts a person like the boosted bearing fails?

There’s basically no difference from me buying a product from another person buying the same product

Except I’m less likely to get more injured but from that aside, I don’t see any liability.

Creativity shouldn’t be limited by a age factor, I am a human and so are you, plain and simple you might be older than me but I might be smart than you.

@onloop @treenutter


In my books that’s his fault especially if he bought it from a privat vendor. If he buys a vesc from someone and it fails because he shorted to phase wires it’s his fault.

You’re right there but in the event, something happens the law is in his favour… and least it’s like that in Europe… :slight_smile:

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That’s like if a 13 year old gets ahold of a vape it’s not the company’s fault it’s the parents fault enertion wouldn’t be responsible for his injury it requires a card to purchase which requires you to be 18 I believe. Just my 2 cents tho no malice intended


So your saying if I but a raptor 2 and the wheels lock up it’s my fault? Because of poor engineering??