***FOR SALE*** LOADS of leftover Enertion parts!

Seems like a good option for me as shipping from AU to the US for a small amount of pulleys will be more expensive than ordering from you with your mark up. Count me in for a few sets of 12mm pulleys.

Same. Can you grab me some 9mm 12mm pulleys and belts. probably looking for 2 pairs of 12mm and a set of 9mm pulleys and belt.

im in for 2 pullies

If sombody in canada is buy something in canada let me know, I only need one 12mm pulley

Would be cool to have some more information about those items. What’s the belts length ? Truck risers: I guess they are 1/8" ? Or more ? Truck bolts: what length are they ?

Yeah, a few canadians are interested in some parts, I am too. I’m not sure if anyone is interested into organizing the group buy though. I guess I could, but not sure I could pay upfront.

@DanSkates Cool. Thanks for taking the time to count them out.

I’m down for 2x9mm and 2x12mm pulleys

Could you add me for a remote? Wasn’t aware of em

Add me for 2x 12mm wheel pulleys, 1 pack of wheels, 1 winning remote @DanSkates

Sign me up for one 9mm 12mm and a set of wheels.

how much would a set of wheels, pulley for on the wheel, pulley for on the motor and a remote cost in EU? (netherlands)

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming interest!

It’s been a busy day at Enertion Liquidation HQ! I finally have everything organised, priced and ready to ship…well nearly! I still need to buy packaging materials and work out the best services and pricing for shipping but we’re getting close.

I even managed to sort out a half decent packing area:

What’s next? To make this run smoothly and ensure everyone gets exactly what they’re after I’ve created a specific email address to channel requests and questions and have set up a Google Forms order form which will populate my inventory list so I can more easily track orders.

To clean things up I’ll create a new thread with the order form, photos of actual stock, descriptions etc and expect to have this up and running by tomorrow, maybe even tonight if I can keep my eyes open long enough! I’ll create a link at the bottom of this thread as soon as it’s ready to go.

There have been a lot of messages and I’ll try and get back to everyone separately but the best way to ensure you get what you want is to submit an order form as soon as it’s available. This will then populate my orders list and I’ll serve people on a first come first served basis. If people are interested in larger orders then it’s still ok to PM me but it might take me a little while to work through the backlog so the order will confirm your interest. Once you’ve completed an order form I’ll get in touch via email with postage costs and if you are happy to proceed with the order I’ll provide my PayPal details to complete your order. I’ll then email as soon as it’s shipped with tracking details provided by the courier/postal service.

Once I’ve given everyone on the forum first dibs I’ll then create eBay ads and open it up to everyone else! If you’d prefer eBay then I’ll also add links to the ads in the next thread when available.

Whilst I draft the next topic, add pictures etc here’s the inventory list with pricing. I worked through the pricing today with Jason and this undercuts the previous sale prices and anything else I can find online for the individual parts so hopefully you guys will be happy!

Note, there’s a second column with a further discount for bulk buys with unit sales greater than 10 per unit type.


New topic up and running:

Still need to add detailed pics of parts and desricptions but we can get the ball rolling now.

Thanks all for contributing and following this, feel free to comment on this still but I’ll be answering most questions through my email, PM or the other thread.


Not to get off topic but the prices that you put on for the bolts risers and bearings are basically retail or higher. Especially not including shipping.

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what is the A rating of the wheels

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Does this fit evolve trucks ?

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Hey @briman05 - that’s totally on topic, no worries at all. I mostly used ebay.com for like comparisons and undercut the lowest price for these parts I could find. Happy for you to put forward what you think a fairer price would be and I’ll consider it? The cheapest I could find these bearings for example was $12 so in the bulk deal these are 1/3 off. Bolts I’d say are a pretty good price (I’d love to see an example of where you’ve found them cheaper!) but perhaps truck risers could be cheaper…especially as there are so many to sell - I’ll shave some more off this today.

Because of the postage prices I hoped to be able to set up larger group buys to consolidate postage which would of course make this cheaper for indivduals.

Happy for feedback please let me know.

@DanSkates well for 13 bucks you can get zealous bearings. These 608 bearings are Chinese made and you can have any abec printed on them and they are probably no better quality then abec1 maybe 3 compared to true abec 9 bearings. Those bearings would also be about well over 50+ for true abec 9. I have point bolts and risers from skateshred for about very little like 13.00 for about 25 sets of bolts. Muirskate is a well known shop and you can get bolts for 4.00 and risers are 4.50 for .25”


For eBay the prices are fine I think, for here, for the purposes of liquidating it could be cheaper, maybe bundle some items


Thanks @briman05 for the feedback. I’m kinda selling them on face value and I’d recommend perhaps going down the Zealous route if they’re similar in price and you’d prefer that ‘known’ brand. But I absolutely get what you’re saying. With the bolts, do they come with the nylock nut? I believe that part to be more expensive than the bolt…

@scepterr you’re probabaly right that bundling would be better and I was thinking of creating a ‘skate pack’ of parts including bearings, bolts, risers, spacers, skate tool etc and that will likely be one of the first ebay ads I create. I’m still working out the best way to pass the parts on and am greatful for any ideas/advice you guys might have.

Yep they include the nylon nuts. I got them for my custom skateboards I build for people. Muirskate actually has a set of bolts and riser for 7.98. Now for US people I believe it is free shipping.