***FOR SALE*** LOADS of leftover Enertion parts!

Here is an example of 10 bolts + nuts + allen for $7 AUD (5.5 USD)

I think the prices would need to be a fair bit lower to get a lot of interest from the forums.


Zumies has hardware packs for $2 and risers for $4


Yeah, but then you have to go to the mall. I haven’t stepped foot in a mall in quite some time…I think its the scary teenagers


Thanks everyone for the feedback.

I’ve cut the prices back further (especially for bulk buys) and also created bundle packs which take advantage of the bulk buy prices. Check out the Enertion Parts Liquidation Sale page for more details.

EU peeps, hopp in here: http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/eu-groupbuy-leftover-enertion-parts/43285

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Can I purchase drive wheel pulleys and bearings?

I have 9mm pulleys and belts in stock. Bearings are all sold. If you are from US, you could also ask if @thisguyhere has some left.


maybe someone who has 2 12mm wheel pulleys???that would be sick i will pay the price u want!

gr sam

@hoeksame1 @thisguyhere has them. Order through here http://www.esk8life.com/

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okay ! thanks for the fast reaction

any 90mm ghost r spec wheels available in UK?

Yooo dude desperate need of a motor mount, caliber compatible right? Whats your Rice including shipping to netherlands also if you have a 15/16 tooth motor pulley for a 15mm belt and a 265mm 15mm belt include those too in your price