For the love of Baby Jesus. DUAL TACON BIGFOOT BUILD

Initially I began this project wanting to build it completely from the bottom up, so I started by making a custom board - image ![image|666x500](upload://aOUZqKo2bd0ifXUb6jQnnX1Ui1a. Unfortunately the board split when I went off a curb lol

Ill try to make this quick and to the point as this e-board has already consumed my consciousness for years now. I have tried to read every topic relating to my issues and still cant seem to get this thing right! So I thank anyone who may be able to shed some light!

Parts I’ve assembled thus far:

  • (2) Tacon Bigfoot 245Kv motors
  • (2) Motor mounts from DIY
  • (2) 16T HTD5 Motor pulley from DIY
  • (2) 36T KEGEL Drive Pulley Combo kit from DIY
  • Orangatang Kegel wheels
  • Caliber II Trucks

My friend gave me a new Yuneec ECU (ESC) from his E-Go board… not sure if this is compatible but would amazing if I could utilize it.

Question 1 - WILL TWO TACON 63MM MOTORS EVEN FIT? If i have to I’m open to running them in a dual diagonal set-up. image image image

Question 2 - IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE TO USE THE YUNEEC ECU (ESC)? or am I better off just getting two new esc’s. I anticipate problems connecting a diff remote control and compatibility with my tacon motors. image image

Question 3 - I KNOW I KNOW THERE IS A MILLION TOPICS ON BATTERIES but what would be the best LIPO set-up for my build. I’m done dreaming about a 18650 custom pack, I just want to get this thing running.



Hey man quite a bit to go through that. Question 1. Looks like you got the motors to fit although I’m not sure how. lol Do they spin freely? Usually you need 218s for 6374’s Question 2. That yuneec esc is a factory programmed unit with its own built in receiver so you’re better off with a pair of vescs that you can configure yourself. With vesc you can use any remote receiver set up Question 3. Use this tool to work out your best battery set and this build thread is from a lipo guru so once you have the size of the battery required you can adapt his techniques to assemble yours. Bear in mind those tacon motors are a high kv so you would need to keep the voltage down to make sure you don’t exceed the max erpm of the vescs but the esk8 calc tool will tell you the best config. Question 4. Hard lol. your better off putting a flat area on the shaft. If you do make sure you bag the motor up so no swarf gets in there of its goodbye motor. Alternatively you could just use loctite. Good luck and welcome to the money pit.


Those motors are not 6374.


then that will be why they fit then :laughing: I just read 63 and filled in the rest…

@Sebike Those motors are not 6374.

Hell they are!!

(the fact that you read 5335 on the can does not mean thats the class motor. In fact thats the stator dimension…that goes inside. These avocado devils are full fledge 6374 monsters! Thus their nick: Bigfoot) :sunglasses:

May I present my build, Mjölnir Pintail 40" mono-motore (thanks to @okp) soon to be converted into a bi-motore (thanks to @Hummie)… both free demons thanks to the filantropic espirit of these two forum members!



Yeah yeah yeah I know. Don’t rub it in. I know they are not 74mm motors now. @Sebike was kind enough to point it out and I feel silly enough.:roll_eyes:
Nice build by the way.

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What? are you sure? :open_mouth:

Outside Diameter: 62.8mm Lenght: 64mm

…but the technical specs confirms, is short by 1 cm (74mm lenght) but circunsference is right on the spot (63mm diameter)

They’re 63 diameter but not 74 in length apparently. and judging by how much space you have between them on those 218s I fully agree.

The can says 5335 I think. And would be the Stator size.

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Many motors are even the opposite, being 63mm x 82mm and that still fits the 6374 motor class

He said 63 on his post he did I swear! Thats it I’m going home. You lot aren’t playing nice.

Exactly, many other brands do the same. They label the motors with the number of the stator dimension 5335, 5345, etc…but in reality they are 6374 class motors, either because both or at least one dimension fits the category.

im Confused by what u guys are saying or if ur serious but the tacons measure the stator.


Yes, thats true. They mention the stator. But the motor itself belongs to the 6374 category.

63 but not necessarily 74. It’s not that long.

Well thank you for clearing that up and no I’m not usually serious. That can does look shorter than 74 though.

With the 63 measuring method they’re just measuring the outside. So u could do the same and do length measurement

You mean @WillieNelson ? Perhaps. I would like to see a closer look at his motors. But if the can says ‘160 Bigfoot’, that means is the 6374 class of the Tacons

What is the “class”. There’s so many sizes and that’s all I’ve heard them described by. 6374…I’m guessing it would have about a 5350 stator. Longer than the Tacon. Two of those is overkill to begin with in my mind anyway

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