"Frankenstein" 1st Build // Earthwing SuperGlider Longboard // Unbranded "Esk8 Market" 190kv 63mm // 10s LiPo (5 x 2s 5000mah 60C) // Abec Clones (90mm) // VESC

Sup’ Gents

180lb/82kg rider. The Goal is to create a board for mostly flat lands/speed/All-Terrain. Hills are really a non-issue where I live. Sunny SoCal.

Brand new builder. Thinking I’ve read enough to at least dip my toes in. So here’s the plan…

I made the plunge and bought a $90 Earthwing SuperGlider Longboard 38" (No Longer for Sale) deck to use.

I want to use this as a place to document the build as well as seek advice, since I know I’ll have questions along the way.

Parts List // Buy List: $90 Earthwing SuperGlider $100 Unbranded “Esk8 Market” (63mm) (LINK) $35 Caliber II Trucks (LINK) $175+$25 Heat Sink Ollin VESC (LINK) $30 ABEC CLONES 90mm 78a (EBAY) $250 5 x 2s Gens ACE LiPo 5300mah 65C (LINK) $60 TorqueB Motor Mount (63mm) (LINK) $55 2.4ghz Mini Remote (LINK) $20 Riptide Pivot Cups // Bushings (LINK) $90 BesTech 37V 10S Protection Circuit Board (LINK) $11 Battery Charger (LINK) $80 MISC Wiring $64 Solder Kit (LINK) $47 Pully Combo Kit from TorqueBoards 16T/36T with 265mm belt (LINK) I’ll most likely incur more expenses as I continue.

UPDATES AS PARTS PURCHASED/COME IN: Earthwing Superglider Deck w/ Bone Red Caliber II Trucks w/spacers MBS All Terrain Wheels DIY Electronics Motor Mount Ollin VESC 5 x 2s Gens ACE LiPo 5300mah 65C

NOTES: Deck Parts Completed. At the very least, I’ll at least have a new longboard XD - 4/12/17 All Parts Ordered minus charger, wiring, and solder kit. 4/13/17 ALL PARTS ORDERED! 4/15/17

BIG SHOUT OUT TO: Namasaki // SyrusB // IsTalo Helping the new guy out.

Thanks Gents. I really appreciate the help


Welcome Andrew, You might want to look through the builds that are documented here to get some good ideas. Take your time, don’t hurry. You still have a lot of homework to do before putting a build list together.

For the Esc i would recommend a vesc. Two 4s 5000mah batteries work well and reach a good speed. You probably do need flywheels or kegel wheels unless you can find a way to make a pulley system. Also GT2B is a great remote very responsive 290kv is kind of high you want something around low 200kv or high 190kv https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-aerodrive-sk3-6374-192kv-brushless-outrunner-motor.html

agreed. i may have jumped the gun a bit.

You will need either Flywheels, Flywheel clones, Kegel’s 70mm shark wheels will not work. To build an off road board with oversized tires, you will need dual motors and lots of power and will be way over your budget. Either a 63mm or 50mm motor. 89mm motor is too big. Vesc is the best choice for ESC. Because it’s your first build and because of your budget, keep it simple. Example: Caliber II trucks 10" 50deg 83mm or 90mm flywheel clones single 6374 motor 245kv - 290kv Vesc esc. RC mini remote/receiver 6s Lipo battery pack and a hobby balance charger All aluminum motor mount or aluminum and carbon fiber Like Enertions.

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Let’s begin, that guys said to you that the vesc is your better option, yes, it is, but in 6s. Using 8s your erpm limit will be so high to the vesc and you’ll need to limit it at the firmware, so you’re going to use not the full power that your battery can delivery.

Shark Wheels, I like these wheels, but they are 70mm, so your board will be so close to the floor and you said that your board is flexy so your enclosure will be in contact with the floor a lot of times. What would I do, I would buy or Some Spacers or buy the all terrain wheels they will be the best option for you, also because it is all terrain and have the Abec Pattern (Buy the right one, bigger than 83mm and with the pattern, Pm me and I find the link)

About the motor, this motor is perfect, it is big and have a good Kv for 6s. But if you’re heavier than 200 or 220 lbs it can have some troubles. Like @Namasaki said, search, read and find a build that is similar to yours.

Last but important. Your remote control man, it is a part of your build. Like a voltage indicator and a switch. Seriously, there is always something that you need. Search and find it

Did you realize that the motor he listed Turnigy G160 is 89mm diameter? That’s just too big and will cause issues with clearance if he can even find a mount for it. 63mm is what he needs.

I read 6364 and thought that it was the size

The proposed parts list is in the very first post.


I’m 180lb/82kg.

I’ve changed around the motor to this Turnigy SK3

How about these batteries? LINK I would run them togeather for an 8s.

There are a ton of different VESC out there. Is there a particular one that is newbie friendly?

I’ve decided to scrap the shark wheelz and grab a larger pair of off road wheels. I’ll update when I have a proper source.

Just sent you a PM.

That motor will work. The batteries you listed are out of stock.


Jeez, thanks for the catch.

How about these?


Those will work however, it would be very beneficial to have a higher C rating. Btw, Hobby king’s site just went down but will be back up soon.

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Whats your opinion on these?

those are some beefy batteries! 65c x 5ah means 325a continuous current capability. When it comes to batteries more headroom means less voltage sag which means more power more range and less wear and tear on the batteries. Still I would highly recommend going with two 5s Lipos for 10s voltage and a 190kv 6374 E-skate motor.

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Recommendation taken!

You mentioned the Olin VESC with heat sink. I’m having trouble deciphering from the many options in the drop down list.

Those are for the connectors. You will want 5.5mm bullets on the phase (motor) wires. Thats what e-skate motors usually come with. The battery connectors, I’d recommend the XT90 anti spark connector.

The heat sink option is a separate item.

Total your looking at $200 but it’s worth every penny. I run mine with heat sinks inside an almost air tight enclosure and they never overheat.

Awesome. Just ordered. One step closer!