FREE - Enertion Simple Motor Mount | OPEN SOURCE

I owe this community everything! I’ll always give back when I can.

I am now offering the carbon fiber & aluminum Enertion Motor Mount Drawings & 3D files for free download. Enjoy.

Maybe now you can afford to put your money towards some quality electronics :slight_smile:




Well, that was cool!


So your really moving away from belt and pulleys to hubs… Glad to see. I know you’ll love getting rid of the alignment issues, belts breaking, ect that can happen with a satellite config. Hubs are the future, and I’m gald to see your moving toward them!

I’ve never had an issue with my Enertion mount and drive train kit. It is amazing. The only thing that hasn’t broke actually.

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Wow this is amazing!

yup! Our mounts are rock solid! …


Could you tell us what the bolts are? I know you use elevator nuts for securing the motor plate to the clamp and socket caps but I am not on length etc.

Stainless Steel Socket head cap screws M6 x 16 M6 x 20

The plate is fixed with, M6 flat head carriage screw & Nylock nut


That, I can say is true. I abused my first r-spec II with rain, dirt, sand, ect… Never had any issues with ti.

He said mount… not motor. :wink:

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Is solidworks the only program that can open this.

I made an OnShape file for people without desktop CAD. OnShape is free online CAD. You can export and modify the design on OnShape if you want. The hardware specs are in the document description.

Enertion Motor Mount


Can also be opened in Fusion 360

my fusion 360 wont. i Downladded solidworks.

You have to select upload and it will convert the files for Fusion 360.



Alright guys. This whole thing is new to me still. I’ve been reading a ton and am trying to learn. So say if I wanted to make this motor mount, how would I go about it. I downloads the files, then what? Can I bring them in somewhere to have them make it? What kind of shop? What kind of material do I have them make it in if I want it exactly as enertion makes it? I figured I would ask you guys the steps I need to take because you guys know. You know how I know that you guys know? Because every time I’ve asked a question in this forum I get an answer. I love this shit. Thanks!

Came out great, Just waiting for the Carbon Fiber part now :grin:


Hit up a machine shop

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Yeah. I’m going to. Just wondering what the parts are made of. The clamp is aluminum right? And the carbon fiber part? Is that actually carbon fiber? Do I just give them the downloaded files or something?