Furthest range on your eboard

Ok so Im using a custom lipo 16ah 10s2p battery pack with a 60amp bms and managed to ride 34 miles today with 16% battery remaining. Just curious what everyone else is managing because Im honestly blown away at this range! I was riding conservative in my mind averaging around 20 mph without hills and light wind

Now that all the bugs are worked out with my latest build I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Anyone else running extended range batteries for 30 plus mile rides?


what motor you running and how is your 2 5s lipos so thin? :open_mouth:

I’ve done 5 miles on my 600wH battery going about 6mph avg on a single 6355 and unshaven MBS wheels. Only used 5% battery. I suspect that if I kept going at that rate I could get nearly 50 miles. It would probably be the most boring and long ride of my life.

Realistically I’ve done closer to 35miles with my battery averaging about 16-18mph on flat land.

dude… talk to @longhairedboy. His 12s5p’s have quite the reputation

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I saw someone on here talking about making a 10s13p battery, don’t know if he ever went through with it though…

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a 6kg battery… lol

Thats insane. I honestly realize now that a huge battery is overkill. There isn’t enough good terrain to even ride it that far.

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Im using a 190kv sk3 6364 with 20 8ah cells I used from 3 4s 16ah multistar packs I disassembled. wanted to use li-ion but it was just to bulky for the low profile small build I wanted

haha I find it hard riding slower than 20 mph so 6mph would be torture! 35 miles is impressive. What was the reason you built such a long range pack and did you account for how much range you would have?

It was brutally painful, but I was riding with my s/o, who was on my old acton blink lite. Shes also fairly new at skateboarding so she takes it reeeeally slow.

I decided on the pack when I was riding a liftboard dual. IIRC, it has a 7s3p battery with 2200maH cells, around 170wH. At the time, I was riding in the upper end of its limits, 15-18mph. I was only getting around 7miles before the battery died. The board was advertised at 15 miles. At this time, I was not aware of calculations to calculate battery capacity, I was naive and assumed that I should calculate a 50% yield on any advertised claim of range. I found that a 550ish wH battery would give me an advertised range of 30 miles. I said great, 15 miles at 50% would be what I deem acceptable and pulled the trigger.

Now I sit here with a huge battery that I’m never able to deplete (I charge it once a week and ride ~5miles a day), let alone ride with someone else who has that kind of range, and that takes nearly all night to charge with a 2A charger. But hey, I’m not complaining :slight_smile:

What ?? 10s2p and 34miles range ??? how’s that possible …i have 10s4p LG HG2 - 430wh pack …and max I could go 20-25 miles …sometimes even less than 20miles If I hit 24-28mph too often with some hills.

34miles on flats going 5mph ? :slight_smile:

Still deciding if I want to go 5p tbh

My mistake was 10s4p …I have it split in 5 modular packs so I can bring on flights with me …but now I’d go with 12s5p with each pack being max 99wh, so 500wh in total. I found out that to ride comfortably …you need around 12-14miles …anything more is luxury …but it is great luxury :slight_smile:

Dang that’s a lot of range! I’ve only got 6S 5000mAh and my board is still very new and untested so I can’t claim any particular range, but it’ll be paltry compared to 30+ miles! Once my caliber trucks arrive and when I buy some 83 or 90mm wheels (63mm is waaay too tiny) I’ll be able to do some proper range tests.

16ah 10s lipo lol. That’s 592wh

haha not a 18650 pack. I used 20 8ah lipo cells so 600wh total


Ahh I missed it’s 16ah…that’s why. 600WH is a powerplant :slight_smile:


Ive seen Alex’s board in action. He rides fast, keepong pace with him blew thew my 215wh battey in 8miles. Then he towed me the next two miles back to my car and he still had plenty to spare on his battery. :ok_hand:


haha good times!


Are you running 20 1s 8000mah lipos? Where did you find those?!