Furthest range on your eboard

What cell voltage on li-ion do people ride it down to ? At the moment i stop at about 3,5-3,6v pr. Cell.

It’s an interesting experience because these Multistar batteries are commonly disregarded as not providing a high enough C rating. This opinion may have to be revisited.

@Alex Do you use BMS for your lipos ? Can you post some images of your pack. Sounds f*cking intriguing.

That’s a long time on a board. You must have some strong legs i guess, or did you take several brakes ?

I get around 12-14 miles of range at around 20mph with no hills only flat terrain. Im was running a single Carvon V2 hub and a 6S2P 10Ah battery made of 4x 3S 5Ah Zippy Compact packs. Gonna do a range test with my new dual Maytech hubs and I’ll see how how much range I get then.

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Considering they’re 10c at 16ah that’s 160amps continuous which is well over what I would ever need. Even 10c at 5ah would meet the needs of most

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I road straight from Hermosa beach all the way to Venice skatepark and straight back haha. A solid 1.5 hour ride. I was over it by mile 25 though ha


I actually have a set of those for RC charging. They really can only do about 90a continuous without sag(still plenty for esk8)

Anyway my current setup is dual 190kv on 10s3p with LG HG2 packs. I average around 19-23miles depending on how fast I’m cruising. I’ll get around 23 cruising about 15mph, and when I’m carving hard at 25-30 I get about 19miles.

Keep in mind I’m about 8.5 stones… Or 127lbs


Stop and go riding around town in get around 13-14 miles on my 10s3p I’ve gotten 16+ miles riding at 25mph with no stops. I wish I had the extra range now, hurricane irma hit and I havnt had power since Sunday. I’ve been using my board to get around to save gas


Never did a range test but the build I had was a 10s4P with a single 6374. It used 30% battery after 8 miles averaging 21 mph (I only ride about 18mph to be safe). So that would be roughly 26 miles on mostly flats and a few slight inclines before depleting.

that thing is a monster! 20 pounds? at least…

I get 16ish on 8s 10ah.

going back to lightweight swappable. 6-10miles per pack. quick swap. infinite range? my foot falls asleep around 20 miles tho…

yeah 20 pounds at least but I kept everything super compact so it doesn’t show. My 18650 10s3p pack barely fits in the same enclosure that fits my 10s 16ah pack.

Yea I have a few packs with different ah that I occasionally swap between depending on my mood or if I’m traveling. yea after 20 miles its a struggle

I’m running 403.2wh and I get around 17 miles per charge with a little left in the bank…

Not sure what kind of range I am going to get but i am running 12s 2p (16000mah) for a total of almost 700WH

these are the packs, I only bought them because they were £22 off else i would have got the 12000mah ones (I cannot deny 4ah more capacity for free) the only problem that i face is probably trying to make them fit (i was original planning for a drift trike powered by an old car alternator "spoiler its a 3 phase permanent magnet generator AKA a BLDC motor with a 3 phase rectifier) if anyone wants to see said drift trike let me know because i am still thinking about doing it but i just need the motivation :laughing:

I am gonna say that its a fair few miles on a Esk8 mostly cos i have no hills near me and i have a tiny motor


Yes. My standard packs now are a 12S5P Samsung INR18650-30Q packs that do 12S at 645 watt hours. That will get you about 35 miles on a fresh, fully charged pack while keeping it under 20mph. My pack is 6 months old and is still getting over 30 miles.

We regularly do a 25-ish mile loop and we don’t do it slow. I’m usually hauling ass the entire time. Range isn’t just determined by pack size, you can also maximize range by riding the board in its efficiency zone. Slow doesn’t translate to good range, efficiency does. Sometimes maintaining a higher speed is more efficient. On my boards it certainly is. I believe the same holds true for the new Raptors as well.

I’m shooting for 100 miles next, how far have you guys gone in one ride?

Could you share your build> I need a dual longboard with a good amount of range and I don’t know nothing.

Range is just the capacity of your battery. The largest one you can fit will go the furthest…they are not cheap for a sound and robust solution…

Dude multistars are like 2-3c that’s shit