Gauging interest, cnc'd enertion caliber mount clones

have run out of those rock solid enertion caliber mounts and am looking at getting some made locally, Brisbane Australia. cut from 10mm ally and probably going 6mm ally for the motor mount plate. Cost of course will depend on numbers. I am after about 5 sets myself. Machinist has the drawings and a sample. hopefully get an indication of price and viable quantities next week.


Could you post a drawing design?

It’s the same mount enertion were doing - they made the file available after they stopped selling them. for 63xx series motors.

Hoping to get enough to keep prices under $30 aud.


I’m in for 4

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I’m in for 2 Will you also provide their bolts & nuts Shipping: Indonesia

I will try and track down bolts - can you guys add your countries as well. Get an idea on shipping.

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Usa hehe Washington

Will it be able to accommodate 50xx motors as well?

Id be in for a set (price depending). Sydney, Australia.

the racestars they can

Id be in for a pair,depending on how long to be made and delivered…uk

where do you find this cad file?

How much do you estimate the price for eu?

Hi, why don’t you upgrade it by designing it with idlers, just a thought

I don’t think it would be too hard to drill a hole, where as modding a .stl is a bit tricky. I might be in for 1 depending on price.

Ps try HK for bolts, they are pretty cheap, IDK if they have M6 tho

The files are open source so it can be done easier than drilling a hole :slight_smile:

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stl files are just a guide. the machinist has to manually punch in the design anyway. Will look at extending the motor plate and adding a pulley. Am going to base a price around 20 of them. Machinist is recovering from cancer treatment so is a little slow the week of his chemo.

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I think also the guy that did the clusterfuck groupbuy occasionally sells them on ebay.


wow $65 usd!

a bolt through design would make sure your clamp never strips permanently