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[gauging interest] Evolve BMS Group Buy

Last year, I grew really frustrated with my initial failure to build my own 10s4p battery for my Evolve CGT. Turns out that you should always check your voltage before linking up the wiring to your BMS! After frying 2 BMS’s and buying 2 replacements at exorbitant costs, I set out to find the manufacturer.

I located them, and after some emails, I was told that I would need to buy at least 600 units at $19.20 per unit in order to purchase the BMS from them, but I was able to talk it down to 300 units (EDIT - It is now 150; see below). Of course, I do not have $5,760 (now ~$2,800) to drop/invest in the BMS.

So, I was wondering - is anyone interested in setting up a group purchase?


Man I applaude you for doing your homework and getting to the bottom of this. However, 300 orders is a tall order! I can help you with 1 or 2, but that’s it, haha. The price still $20 a piece?

Wow wow wow :hushed: many thnx for your research! Are you really sure it is the correct bms? With correct firmware? If so I am willing to buy some.

Unpopular opinion. 300 units is not a group buy. 300 units is you setting up your own store and getting 300 pre-orders so you can fund your first stock purchase. You and 10 of your friends (people you know in person) ordering together to save shipping and getting a small discount is a group buy.

I’m assuming that what you want is one BMS and you want to pay $20+shipping for it. The idea that organising an order of 300, collecting the money and shipping 300 units around the world is going to save you money is crazy. Think of the logistics and time that will take you!


I agree that much money and quantity could make you go borderline crazy when stuff don’t go to plan…

Not worth it

Yup it is still $20; I asked them if there were any price drops recently, if Evolve was indeed going to upgrade to have a BMS that was hardware-locked to the ESC. However, it’s too big of an order for me, possibly too big for this whole forum lol. I wouldn’t mind forking over $200 to buy 10 or so but even then I cannot imagine multiple people dropping that kind of money unless they also wanted to sell batteries.

@pjotr47 Yes it is the correct BMS as far as I know; I was able to purchase 10 as a “test purchase” and all of them functioned perfectly, showing 0 charge cycles upon startup. I currently am running 2 on my boards w/one as a spare, and either sold the other BMS’s to recoup the cost of the purchase or installed/sold them with my own batteries at the time. On a tangent, I was also able to acquire the unique quick-connector (connecting the wiring from the batt. to the bms) used by the manufacturer, some of which I still have.

@AlexBE I would not mind having 10-20 units, as I can make batteries and sell them locally. However, the logistics/time is a major concern - that is partly why I made this post, to see if anyone had any ideas on how to make this work, if at all lol.

@moon Yeah, I’m hoping that there is a way to figure things out. It really depends on how many units people here would want overall, but at best I can only imagine 50 being wanted in the whole forum. If any Evolve battery sellers were interested in this purchase, that may help, since they could speed up their production time - and only charge $20 or so to cover the costs per BMS.

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it’s interesting that they are holding your feet to the fire on a MOR. If they are producing it for Evolve I don’t see them needing to hit a tool or set up fee.



@longhairedboy may be interested as he wouldn’t need the customers of his evolve mods to ship there whole board to him.

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Out of the 2 dozen battery mods we have done majority were done using the Evolve BMS (existing), and some with complete upgrades resulting in me have a few evolve bms units for sale. (sold) If it wasn’t locked into Evolve system and could be used in DIY builds we would be interested. Unfortunately, with it being locked to the evolve controller, it doesn’t open up much for DIY

Yeah, I wish my prayers would be answered so that I could use the R2 with DiY setups…I have a love/hate relationship with Evolves products

DIY R2 is here…IMG_1087 IMG_1088


I did not expect to see something like this! I must ask - is this something to DiY, with a 3D printer? Is someone selling these?

Yes, Maytech is producing these and they are waterproof and wireless charging

they are being made and sold my maytech. also sold by @hyperIon1

Yes, Maytech made and can be bought through them direct or you can get them from us, We are a Maytech distributor and have a shipment inbound. the first batch went out to a hydrofoil company and we get the second, third pending Chinese holiday

Beat to it? We work with other builders and vendors, How can we help?

Sign me up - I’ll PM you if you don’t mind, don’t want to get the thread going on this tangent. I guess I should’ve checked this site while on vacation, can’t believe I missed your post about these remotes.

But this brings up an excellent point. I think only those interested in the Evolve BMS would want one for a battery upgrade, or selling upgrades. And why bother when you can just get this remote, along with Any DiY guy would prefer the Maytech remote since you can use it more easily with your own build.

think you missed meant. I meant to say you beat me to saying they are made by maytech. ill remove the edit to avoid confusion.

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let me dump some info here real quick. image image image