Gear Drive Electric Skateboard Drive train

Yeah that was going to be my response. I don’t know if anyone on the forum has made an actual dyno

Very excited for this progress. The models and prints look wonderful. :smiley:

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Interested, how about the clearance while mounting in reverse?

77mm to 85mm speed vent core you can basically get any type of mixes of different duro and mixed thanes he uses for certain application of riding …really sweet ass wheels and he makes different colour and different colour cores all the time … you can get him to make a wheel to your preference also …

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Not possible with 2 gear. But 3 gear yes

I’ve had some hearings he is entering the e skat game.and more wheel to comeScreenshot_20181018-211935 hub sleeves are being slung out and been recommended to go thick with thane from some special ppl.and a new wheel is in the making so I’ve heard threw the grape vine from a lil Birdy

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I don’t understand most of this message :sweat:



Seismic wheels. Core is called “speed vent”.

Seismic will do custom orders with duro and colour changes depending on what you want.

Here’s a speed vent core on 85mm:


Oh ok, I seen the wheel before and I wanted to use it at some point. I didnt know they do custom orders

I’m about to stick 85mm caguamas on a build but I’m unsure of how comfortable they will be on a small cruiser. I think if seismic offered something around 90/95mm they’d have a decent eskate market

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if any good wheel company makes a big wheel with a good core they will have success

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With all that said. The second a reliable squishy 100mm rubber wheel comes on the market I’ll likely abandon urethane for my personal needs


That is the sizing I’ve been requesting to him and my friends that know him personally

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Request harder pls


It probably gonna be around spring by the sounds of it but I’m pushing hard…i think those are the sizes even for hub sleeves he has in mind.I know he has something going on with my friends. And my friends are being quiet too… his precision trucks will be a part of this set up too…ive been trying to get a pully or a adapter for them for months it is hard to get done here in Canada. There is not much for custom cnc shops around

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Have you got the CAD models for the pulley?

so how does one secure the gear on the motor shaft if a particular motor doesnt have a key way? or is it a keyway motor only? and even then back to original question of keeping gear on shaft?

and then on the same turn how would one remove the gear if theres a motor issue/swap/upgrade? I know ive had stuck pulleys that are a bitch to get off and with what looks like no decent access to put a screw driver or something to pry it off?

these are just question in my mind as Ive been checking out gear drives across the board but maybe have missed this bit somewhere in other threads. thx

I will probably do something like this when I start selling, in the meantime it will be just keyways because it is just simple to deal with


I mean you could first remove the wheel gear. I am not sure about this question because theres no solution to it.

well… i mean lol… as long is you never need to change a motor youll be fine =) I was just thinking about the last stuck pulley i had an it was bish to even get an space to get a puller around it…

did i miss any posts about what materials the case is? gears are printed or is that just for testing?


Right now we are the fitment stage. Just making sure that the gears I chose were good and the rest of the design works. We’ll be printing v2 tomorrow/today and that fixes things that I got wrong in the first design. It was only a couple of little things.

The gears for the real thing will be steel for the motor gear and probably POM for the wheel. If not steel for both. For testing purposes I will probably choose both steel for simplicity.

The case I haven’t decided, I will 3D print it until I am certain… but a CNC aluminum case will be great. But of course that increases costs a little bit so need to factor that in

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