Gear drive spur gears

So basically I need some spur gears for my direct/gear drive, but they seems very hard to source, especially the ones I need. The ones I`m looking for should be 13-15T, Module 2 and about 12mm thick…

I have got some quotes on custom made ones, but these are freakin expensive- like $150 each. So do anyone know of a place where I can get them?

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Direct drive does not use gears – it’s the defining feature of direct drive. I think you are referring to gear drive…

Maedler has some

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@Maxid They do, but their selection isnt really the biggest, unfortnantly

I couldn’t find a bigger selection anywhere else. It’s frustrating but you probably need to make this work with what maedler has.

What selection do you need? You said 13-15t - that’s only three possible teeth counts.

There is no such thing. “Direct drive” means without gears/transmission. Look it up. You are talking about gear drive. Direct drive is like Carvon motors.

Yes, of course I know what I’m talking about, I am the designer. But people around here use direct drive, even if it isn’t a “Direct drive”. I`m 100% sure about the differences, but not everyone here does.

If you know, then you wouldn’t call gear systems “direct drive”

Did you use the stainless gears for your drive? Seems like thats the one that will fit my needs the best. Even though I don’t understand out how you order these :joy:

I did that because others don’t know the difference, and I would like to have as many as possible understanding what I was asking for.

Continuing to call it the wrong thing won’t help the misunderstanding. It’s pretty clear if you use the word “gear” or “cog” what is being referred to

I used the regular steel gears. Maedler is expensive if you go for small quantities :smile:

I also had to switch to incognito mode to even have a shopping cart, so there’s that :rofl:

You bring this up every time someone says the words direct drive. I know it’s technically wrong, but since Jenso coined this term most people, especially E-ATB builders, know what’s going on. I think you won’t be able to convince everyone everyone to switch an already established phrase. Maybe you could see it as a brand name or something, but debating back and forth about it in some odd threads won’t really change much.


Let’s not perpetuate the incorrect terms because some company marketed it that way, let’s keep calling it what it actually is and let their marketing suffer for it…NO, we do not all know it by the incorrect term and that’s a poor excuse anyway you look at it…


Boy how I’d like to flag the shit out of the posts in this thread. Must be close to the shittiest off-topic/relevant ratio ever.

He asked for gears - let’s keep it that way. Open a new thread if you want to debate terms. @moderators might want to branch this into its own thread.


If it has a transmission, it’s not direct drive.

That’s no excuse. Pampering people who refuse for learn is why the US is full of special snowflakes who don’t know what losing means.

How hard is it to understand?!? the words DIRECT drive is literally DIRECTLY DRIVING WHEEL

back on topic. Maybe you can ask @MoeStooge to make you something


Another problem is that Maedler doesn’t state the roof fillet and backlash in their gears. How did you deal with this when designing your 3d printed gear?

I kind of didn’t think about it and was glad that it worked out with the standard settings of the gear stl generator i used. In hindsight i would do it different but in the end it worked out with my gears.

Currently i’m having problems with the motor mounts, some teeth are skipping when breaking hard and i suspect alignment issues but i’m not really sure what’s wrong as it’s only on one side.

That could simply be wearing of the teeth and the mesh needs to be adjusted…That’s freaky to think about though, you are skipping gears on such a system it says something about the forces involved…