Gloves for trigger remotes?

Winter’s coming! What’s everyone using for trigger style remotes?

Last winter I was using deerskin gloves from Aerostich that I had from motorcycle days. They were just thin enough that I could deal with the trigger. They were old, and I finally wore them out.

I’m looking for some minor protection from rash. This is for commuting, which for me is mixed eboard and public transport, so I can’t really deal with bulky armored things.

link to old gloves (but it looks like they upgraded, got thicker)

I’m probably buying another set, but want to see what everyone else is doing.

Maybe cotton gloves under fingerless?

Also considering going to thumb remotes for the winter, but mini 2.4ghz hasn’t failed me where even GT2B gave me scares!

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I am using Alien trigger remote.

I am not sure about harsh winter like -5 or -10 degrees C. But for around zero to about 15 degree C, i am using Mechanix Original Gloves

They are made from synthetic leather, spandex and lycra. They are comfortable, really thin, and keep hands warm (at least from 5 do 15 C).

The model i use are made for tactical shooting (i think so), so the trigger feel is really nice, i got used to them in 20 minutes of ride.

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I use a slider glove on one hand and a leather dirtbike glove on my trigger finger

If you can get and oversized mitt you can have your hand and remote inside of it. Just don’t use the thumb part.

I just cut off the fingers of the index and thumb

haha that’s awesome, gonna try an oven mitt

Half-finger gloves work well. I hold the remote in my rear hand, so I can wear a puck on the front glove to throw 1-handed heelside slides if needed. I have only needed to slide once (when the board went into rocket mode with no brakes), but it probably saved me from ending up in the hospital


Has anyone tried a heat gun on the trigger to open it up some?


Belay gloves are reasonably priced and similar to the ropers, but with added leather on the palms…

If you have a hit air station that would work awesome. The mini remote trigger is not very complicated in shape, you could probably but one out of aluminum to the size you want with a hack saw and a Dremel.

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Tried on an oven mitt over remote in hand. The mitt interferes with the trigger.

Ordered the mechanix coyotes.

Will try cutting trigger finger off some cheap work gloves.

I’ll come back with pics of everything.