Going over options to connect two VESCs to remote

So I’ve been doing a lot of research on how to get dual VESCs working and from what I gather there are 3 options.

  1. Split Y ppm
  3. Benchwheel 2 Channel receiver

After reading that huge thread on y-cable vs CANBUS, I really would like to go with option 3 since both 1) and 2) can potentially damage/kill the VESC. I’m suprised theres not much info on option three but its from this post by @Luke

Has anyone with the benchwheel remote tried Lukes way? Is it as simple as connecting the two VESCs to one receiver without having to worry about frying VESC? Also Lukes post seems to reference an older version of the benchwheel receiver since it looks different on aliexpress currently here. Not sure if it can still be done.

I use the split Y. It has worked great for me, because I made sure to cut the power cable on one of the wires. As long as you do that it should be safe.

The reason I didn’t use canbus is that if one vesc dies, it takes the other down with it.

Yea split Y is my secondary option, too many anecdotes of it frying and getting broken during a ride. Even if it’s recommended by Vedder I’ll have to side with peoples experiences on the forum and avoid CANBUS.

Though I would still very much like to try option 3 if possible :sweat_smile:

  1. dual Vesc connected to a TeensyLC using UART.

I have a home made nunchuck with an arduino NANO which communicates with the TeensyLC on the board. The VESCs are running independently of each other. I have all vesc data sent to the remote now. I found information about how to achieve this …some guy named rolling gecho did the base of the code.

it was my second arduino based project and it took some time get it working (but it was lots of fun)

that sounds legit. I do prefer the regular esk8 remotes form factors over nunchuks tho.

Option 4: Multiple receivers with one controller. The Mini RC controller is able to sinc to and operate multiple receivers. Zero risk of damage to vesc and maximum redundancy. This could really simplify quad drive setups.


wow exactly what i was looking for. nice and simple with maximum safety for my precious parts. Even though the remote is ugly as hell i think i will go with this

If you remove the wheel and grind down the wheel post, its not as bad.

You can buy receivers without the remote at torqueboards. Might not be a bad idea to just buy 2 sets and have a spare remote just in case. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/2-4ghz-mini-receiver/

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Can a GT2b bind to multiple receivers?

Cant say for sure because I haven’t tested that one but I would not be surprised if it could since its a 2.4ghz transmitter.

As far as setting it up. You want to power up and bind each receiver one at a time with the other receiver/s off. After going through the binding process on each receiver, then you can turn them all on and test it.

FYI - The Benchwheel receiver showed in Aliexpress is actually the old model, the one Luke uses is the updated version.

ok thanks, good to know. I’ve decided to go with Namasakis option as its cheaper and easier. Out of curiousity, is the benchwheel setup just plugging two vescs into the receiver?

I’m interested to know too. I have no idea how this suppose to work. When I synced my remote, I was able to do it only via channel number 1, if I’m not mistaken. But when I tried to connect it to the 2nd channel, I wasn’t able to sync the remote.

I have a benchwheel from @oriol360 who is MEB and he said that I would be fine running it with dual vesc. Just plug them both in and rock on.

the benchwheel remote is essentially split ppm. I’ve never heard of anyone breaking a vesc from split ppm despite trampas claims

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What the heck is that wheel for?

Turning on an rc car

Ah ok. Ten char

I’m running split PPM on 2 builds with no issues but I cut the 5v wire from one of the Vesc. There has been report of damage when trying to supply 5v from both Vescs.

I would guess that the same is true when connecting 2 Vescs to one receiver.