Green Star | MOV-E | Paris | Hummie Hubs V4 | integrated Enclosure | 12s3p VTC6 N.E.S.E. | 2xFOCBOX

Hi everybody,

I’ll document my upcoming build here as soon as the deck (MOV-E by @LukePL) arrives.

Some specs:

Name: Green Star (I know, not really creative but it follows my previous build “Red Star” Deck: @LukePL MOV-E without kicktail Motors: @Hummie Hubs V4 Battery: 12s3p VTC6 in 6x slighty modified (1mm less height) 2s3p N.E.S.E. modules ESC: 2xFOCBOX I’ll put both of them plus the arduino for the Firefly plus whatever will fit in a custom NESE-Style (but different) case. This case will dock onto two nese bus connectors placed on plus and minus and will be locked from the inside with screws. With that I can swap whole batterys in a minute :wink:


Before assembly I’ll add a carbon fiber layer on the lower (street) side mostly for decoration, Luke used a car to test the strength so it should be fine without but I like the looks :wink:

I’ll add some pictures when the upload works again :slight_smile: and edit other stuff so don’t be surprised when this first post will change over time :wink:



This is gonna be sick…you could call it green lanter. So resemble the name but it’s a superhero! :smile:

Somebody already build a green lantern board :smiley:

Damn! then Hulk is mandatory! :rofl:

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Lets see how it turns out :slight_smile: I think its too sophisticated for a Hulk :smiley: Currently I’m thinking of a heatpipe for the Focboxes leading the heat to the outside without cutting too much of the board :wink:


If you want green maybe something like this?


We have an Hulk Board on the french forum, it’s awesome ! Builder is @Manu39 and he sold it since but what a great job he did :slight_smile:


Really nice product ! Thanks for the link, Lukas


mhh, should have known this before :smiley: Now I bought the CF :smile:

Thats a great one, mine will contain a wild mixture of greens. It will be hard to balance them out but I’m optimistic :smiley:

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:slight_smile: I can send you some together with deck if you want to try it :wink:

Thanks, I will check it out :blush:. Have to see it with the board first :slight_smile:

Btw, I already ordered a 20cm heatpipe :smiley: Not sure if it will work but its worth a try.

You are building almost the exact same build as me! Looking forward to watching you finish this one! I can’t wait for my MOV-E deck to arrive @LukePL! :smiley:


Let’s have a computision. I also got a Mov-E deck orderd and it will be my first diy build. My theme Is light blue inspired by my blue 77a Caguamas. Can’t wait to get it. Ill run at 10s4p I got dual 4.20 vesc only.


Thank you @Slak And yes build sold but not without regrets.

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Wow guys! Things are getting interesting. I might enter the “competition” with my own build :smiley:

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Very excited about how this one will turn out. @visnu777 Which wheels for your front truck are these? It looks like the match perfectly to the size of Hummies hubs.

These come bundled together, Abec11 centrax. I just dyed them darker (wanted black but it didn’t work out that well this time. It’s still green which actually made me choose green for the base color of the build this time :smirk:)

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Sehr geil…It is indispensable for me to have all samme diameter at all 4 wheels. That is the only thing at the moment i don’t like and don’t understand about the R2. Even the boards that wins the R2 contest has different wheel size in the front. I just don’t get it, but its just me :wink: Very good that Hummie does it the right way.