Grip: Spray On vs Tape

So I’m still in the process of designing my own rock maple decks. Some of you know this already because you follow me on instagram and have seen the travesty that has been this project. I have not given up and recently there has been some very positive development, but that’s for another thread.

What I want to know from you guys is this: Spray On Grip or Grip Tape? I have only ever used grip tape and have often wondered if there was any advantage aside from aesthetics to using spray on grip. Clear spray makes for some gorgeous boards, but how does it wear? How does it feel? Is it crap? How do you trim it along the edge? So many questions.

My personal preference will always be tried and true black grip tape. The spray on stuff is fine and works good, but personally have never been a fan of the clear look. It’s all personal preference on what is going to make you happy at the end of the day. Either way you decide to go, it should perform all the same.

I’ve heard the spray on clear gets bad fast. I guess a test would be the best answer :smile: I’m curious too.

so far the spray on grip tape that came with my arbor board is holding up really well. The only downside (so far that I can see) is that dirt shows up really easily, because the board is a light wood color. I find myself cleaning it off, but the just getting dirt on it the very next time I ride…

I would only say get spray on if you have a cool graphic/general look on the top of your deck that you want to show off.

here are some close ups after a few months… still looks brand new:

It definitely looks nice. And there are some brands that make it from recycled glass, so its sort of ecologically responsible, which would make my wife happy. Of course it would also help with brand awareness because it allows you to keep art work and logos in plain sight at all times.

which reminds me i still have all the artwork issues to resolve. lol

I would do tried and true stick-on griptape myself. I have spray grip (clear) on a vanguard and an arbor deck - it’s Meh. Not the best grip and quickly looks dingy.

I plan on doing a clear vicious grip on my new e-Chief, as i want to put some things below the grip and have them visible.

What’s your instagram - i want to see the mayhem!

scattered throughout the posts you’ll see images of diy deck presses, jacks, the mold i made, and some failed attempts. There’s also a lot of other cool stuff in there. Enjoy :smile:

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I thought this might be useful for people that wanna show off their top deck graphics, but don’t wanna use spray on griptape.


Ya, the arbor stuff is used from recycled glass. But I do agree that classic griptape will probably hold up longer…

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Yes good question. Personally I only use spray on (due to the nature of the decks I make-using awesome exotic woods). I use the recycled glass option from Lucid. It was well and is real easy to patch up on the wear spots without it looking patched up. Its all experimentation I think and the wear can come from different ride styles and also how well its applied.

For long durability, i always use white corundum to sprinkle over some Epoxy topcoat. This is customisable in all different colours.

i should have come back and updated this a long time ago.

I’m using glass grit from smashed coke bottles sprinkled on a spar urethane clear coat, then brushed over again once that’s dried to lock in the grit. it seems to be working out very well so far.

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My grip tape always ends up bunching up and I peal it off and go bare with an extra layer of hard polyurethane I paint on. It works great as long as I don’t get my shoes wet at all. Basketball players don’t slip on the court unless someone drops a lot of sweat.

Easy to clean

Everyone keeps telling me I need grip tape though. I went down yesterday scuffing every limb…the wheels slid out before my shoes slid off

barefoot on bare wood. nothing feels better. when i was testing out my decks i did a lot of barefoot riding on bare wood. and with that profile on my decks it just cradles your arches… mmm.

More info please😀 You buying that or making it? Are there different grit sizes what did you use?


If you have a graphic that you want to appear on the top, or just want some of the wood showing though, you can always grip just the ends of your board with regular grip and grip the center with spray on. You still need grip on the middle of your board, but it’s not used nearly as much.

Is that board Motorized?

Yeah it has his signature hub motors :slight_smile:

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epoxy+sand(or whatever)=grip

I smash them myself! i have a steel tube i set into a cinderblock with cement, and a heavy threaded steel rod wrapped in tape, i crack the bottles apart with a towel and hammer then dump the glass into the pipe and just churn it into sand. I double strain with a pair of grocery store strainers and i keep the grit that stays in the fine strainer after the dust falls through.

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