Group Buy Bestech BMS?

Hello, anyone wants to join me to purchase the Bestech BMS? This is what I am getting:

Price for 12s or are you only getting 10s, you located in US, When are you going to place order?

this is the invoice they sent me. if there are only two people, we are going to split the paypal and shipping fee in half, if we got more people order, maybe I can bargain for a wholesale price and we got more people to split the shipping and paypal fee.

I asked about wholesale price recently. They say said 50 or more!

I don’t know man, maybe cuz I communicated with them in Chinese?lol

where you from ?

I am from China, currently residing in NYC.

Your already getting a good deal. Look at my invoice, shipped to California Maybe I should learn Chinese.

OMG that is unbelievable, is it because yours are customized and mines are factory setting? because my sales representative never asked me to set anything lol. I feel like i will be the sales representative of this forum in the future when handling Chinese factory orders lollll

They should have sent you a parameter sheet and it’s up to you to request any changes. The default setting for over discharge is 2.8v per cell which is ok for Li-ions but not for Lipos.

The difference in price could reflect a change in money conversion. I haven’t ordered any recently.

I’d be interested if you are able to ship to australia.

I can ship for you once it gets to USA. but you will have to pay for the shipping.

@TunaTee, I am interested in a 10s BMS as well. Is there anyway I can get in on this as well? I am in California if that helps. As @Namasaki said though, I was hoping that I could get one configured for a LiPo setup.

Let me know what I need to do.


The two I bought the other day with 3v overcharge protection were charged at $39 dollars too. I don’t speak Chinese either. Looks like the price has dropped.


Those bms’s are a bargain at $49 At $39 it’s a steal! The built in E-switch alone is worth the price so it’s like your getting the bms for free!!

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Can you just type the configuration you want for your BMS to my personal email? [email protected]

You are aware that the 10s bms will not work for 9s correct?

The representative just replied me that i can use 9s lipo on 10s bms. however, they recommend to use a 9s bms. I will ask them if i can order 1 9s and 1 10s :smiley:

I would not trust that representative. They are sales personal not engineers. The 10s bms will not work with a 9s battery because it will sense incorrect voltage from balance pin 10 and will go into protection shut down as soon as you turn in on.

Okay, thanks for your clarification. I will get a 9S. But I really like your implementation on that 5 pack 2s lipos though. Should I just a 9s and a 10s for future? lol