*Group Buy* Tacon 6374 Outrunner

I’ve been speaking with the manufacturer of Tacon motors about ordering 20 of the 6374 version of the Tacon Big Foot 160. It’d be about $60 each for the sensorless and about $65 each for the sensored plus probably another $10 to ship them each. Preferably Continental US only. Is there any interest in this? Sensored or sensorless?

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@claudiofiore88 Yup! Sensored pls. Do we get a color choice? Black :slight_smile:

Yeah, I suppose for an extra $5 it’s worth having the option for sensored even if you don’t plan on using it. I haven’t spoken about color. Any thoughts on KV? I was thinking that 200kv would be the sweet spot for a 10s system.


I would go in for one sensored. Pink would be my preferred color :stuck_out_tongue: (or bare metal)

too bad i’m from singapore . i’ll pass .

damn if canada was in i would be interested.

yup let me know how fast they would ship.

@Karmannghiagirl With a forum full of guys, I don’t see that being a popular choice. I was told all black or black and red.

@delta_19 It’d be like $46 to ship to Canada via USPS International Flat Rate Box.

@willpark16 Shipping time has not been discussed yet.

so 96 for a new motor

hmmm do i really need one?

… if its an 8mm shaft im in. i also vote pink but if thats not an option naked can, no colouring.

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I guess black and red would be neat

edit: YAY @delta_19 :grin:

I like soft neon colours IE 90’s

I’m in for one. I don’t really care about the sensored option.

Is this the same motor @chaka was recently talking about?


8mm shafts I assume?

Black please! or red and black. Black would be the best for everyone i think though.

and yes i want two of them, maybe even four.

So they’ll just make them for you in batches of 20? seriously?

@claudiofiore88 did you discuss shaft length, keyway, or a flat spot on the shaft? it would be cool to have a shaft long enough to support a 15mm pulley if possible.

-yes 200KV or up to 245KV would be great. 10s makes sense as the reference point.

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@scrant For an extra few dollars, it’s worth having. As for the same motor as @chaka, it could be. I know his is branded as Maytech which @onloop mentioned is a reseller, so the price would be significantly more, I believe. Also, he’s had like 2 other threads about motors that never went anywhere as far as I know.

@cmatson I believe it has an 8mm shaft. That’ll be confirmed when I get an email back.

@longhairedboy They wanted me to order a batch of 100, but I didn’t think there’d be anywhere near that amount of interest, and I don’t have a few thousand dollars lying around.

A keyway was talked about. From my understanding, it’s included in the price that was discussed. This will be confirmed before anything is finalized. What would the shaft length need to be in order to fit a 15mm pulley?

This pretty much retail price? What advantage do we gain by doing a group buy?

well i cant find any tacons anywhere so thats one advantage

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My point being that anyone can get these prices on short orders through maytech.

The best way to go about something like this is to get a sample first that way you know the spec you give them are going to work. @claudiofiore88