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*Group Buy* Tacon 6374 Outrunner

ohh well i guess it would be the keyed shaft, color, and sensored option

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the benefit is community and friendship :smiley:


Community and friendship is when a group of people buy together from a known source with verified pricing ect… I would be down to buy some of these if the are in fact the next size above the tacon 160 but @claudiofiore88 seems to be dodging that question.

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he says it right in his first post. also there have been no questions to dodge since none have been asked about the size of the motor, just the shaft…

(forgive me if those two dimensions are directly linked :stuck_out_tongue: )

The source is XYH which was found through They did confirm they are the manuafactorer of Tacon Motors. A sample would be a good idea.

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Sounds good! Put me down for 2 motors if they are the larger model. I’ll buy a few more if it help meet the quota.

I’m on…200kw would be nice, red & black looks good or even the original green color.

I’m waiting on a reply from the manufacturer. The pictured motor he sent me looks a bit different than the Tacon 160.

anyway to see that picture?

you think?..

just because a factory says they sell “tacon” doesn’t mean anything… my advice is don’t believe it until you see it. Also, the outside aesthetic of a motor has nothing to do with its quality… Do you want somthing that looks like a tacon? or performs like one? two very different things. It’s easy to make a cheap motor. Also you need to talk about the stator size, not the bell size… its the stator that is important, i have had samples of 6374 motors arrive with half an inch of nothing at the end of the bell…

you definitely need to get a sample (or a few) and thoroughly test the fuck out of it… I suggest getting them to send you a built one & also a completely disassembled one.

… then maybe consider asking people for money…


@onloop Thank you for kind suggestions and warnings of shady manufacturer practices. The stator size for a 6374 motor would be 5345, correct? I wasn’t asking for people’s money yet. More of a feeler thread.

On a side note, in order to use your 12mm wheel pulley, I would need to order your trucks as well?

that is not Tacon mate, that is EMP clone, EMP don’t make hobby stuff anymore, they basically closed down that section of their business, their motors were rubbish anyway…

I’m in for 1 or 2. Don’t want a crap motor tho. Have u done any research on the’manufacturer’ to see if they are the actual one, and are repubtible?

I will buy one so as to have a different feel to a 149kv but like everyone else, I will only go for the group buy if its a TACON 160 200kv-245kv.

check out alien motors and ull see the 50mm version looks the exact same

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Good eye I didnt see that



if its alien im out.

@onloop Yes, I’m aware that’s it’s not a Tacon, but thank you for pointing that out though.

@willpark16 I wouldn’t doubt it’s the same motor. It does look similar.

@JLabs There’s a link higher in the thread to RC Universe on different manufacturers of different motors. Tacon was speculated to be manufactured by XYH, so that’s who I contacted. I tried first reaching to hobbypartz for who their manufacturer is for their Tacon motors, but they just straight up I ignored my request.

Hope u didnt think i was trying to discredit u or anything i was just trying to point it out i so u knew bro.