Guy's it has been great Bimmer out

So guy’s I love this sport/hobby but after I finish all orders I am going to be out. This month has been a crazy chapter in my life I managed to total my Car, knocked up my wife and was just offered an insane Job offer I cannot turn down.

Anyways I will be traveling to all of our Nato partners regularly and will not be able to make sales or further pursue anything ESK8.

Maybe I’ll be back with a bang when I retire but for now I’m done.

I have 4 Hummie decks on their way I have a old build that is just laying around Deck trucks mounts and motors. 15 hw 6.4 PCB’s and like 20Stm and DRV chips for them left. All of which I want want to part with.

I going to finish this groupbuy and a couple batteries and then I probably be online very very randomly.


GL with the new job bimmer

better to burn out than fade away :boom:


Best of luck with healing, homebuilding, and your business. Let us know your desires for parting out your future kits. I for one am interested in some of the offerings. I’m sure we’ll all still be here should the opportunity rise for you to come back, but family and health should always be first!

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Man, best of luck. We hope to see you back one day. I’m sure the guys will hold it down while your away. Quick question. The pcb kits? Are they complete kits or partial? What do you want for them?

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I have only pcb’s and the expensive chips left no kits.

I’ve only seen you here on the forums for a short while. But while you were here you’ve been a great asset. The new employment is going to be the easy part. Dealing with a pregnant wife can be crazy! Good luck with that! Glad you made it here and have done what you’ve done. Thanks and good luck on your new chapter! We’ll see you again I’m sure. This sport is hard to let go! :wink:


Gratz on the job and the mini-bimmer :smile:. Hat to see ya go brother, but good luck.


Congrats on the new job + kid!


Congrats on the new job and the kid on the way. I Hope you that you end up coming back when you get more time be sure to fit a stroller on the front of one of your boards


I’d say that was busy month! Wish you well on all future endeavors, sounds exciting!


Sad to see ya go learned lots from your posts here. I’d probably be willing to take some of those pcb’s and chips off your hand if your willing to ship to Canada?


Congrats! Kid and new job on the way, that is a lot of thrill for the upcoming months. The first pregnancy of my partner is still one of the most adventurous times of my life.

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Give us mini Bimmer!

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How much do you think it would be for two PCB’s (USA)? Do you have a BOM for building them yourself? Just curious as I think this would be a great thing for me to assemble in the future.

Wow. Good for you. Good luck on the new job and the baby. Congrats. You can still stop by every once in awhile when you need a break or something. :beer::beers:

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Damn, shame to see you leave

Good luck man hehe and always have fun

I’ll miss seeing you on the Forum. I think you could be a great father. good luck with your job and everything Bimmer!

Good luck man! Congrats on the future!

good luck on the new job man …also ill take the mount/drive kits if there decent ones