Haggyboard : esk8 street and AT boards and components


We spoke about them in the Metasurf topic, I don’t find a topic on them (I don’t work or anything with them, just sharing their stuff), and I already fall in love with this wheel (and ask for them, waiting for the end of the month now).

But many other things looks too good to !

2 in 1 here too : The Haggy motor 6364 190kv HK look or more like trampa :

Some gorgeous Senor pepe 90mm 78a Kegel pattern :

Or the AT Bergmeister wheels, 150mm and with 22mm longboard bearing : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0062/5849/1507/products/bergmeister-wheel-on-scale_2000x.jpg?v=1539109893

TheMANA-ONE-07 DECK, 42.13" deck, Horizontally laminated with high strength epoxy, Taiwanese bamboo, Canadian birch and could choose between the medium flex 7ply or the 9ply+2ply glass fiber version.

The KAHUA FORGED & PRECISION MILLED TRUCKS look really good and wide :

HAGGY DRIVE SYSTEM - 2 IN 1 - (STREET AND ALL-TERRAIN) SEÑOR PEPE 90MM & BERGMEISTER AT : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0062/5849/1507/products/hds.2in1.red_2000x.jpg?v=1539109910

And even the 3D folder of the universal 60T driver to adapte the wheels to other trucks ! https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0062/5849/1507/products/60T.universal.drive.gear.v4_2000x.jpg?v=1539109875

Sorry, it looks like there were too much good looking photos to share :blush:

Enjoy & Ride safe :v:


Yeah I have been talking to him about his work.

He is even creating custom nickel strips for 4p batteries - I can’t share pictures but it’s good


I tried to email these guys and it bounced.

These are really real?

Yes, very good 1st contact too, even during his holiday ! But he come back on the 26th.

Also, there is Motor pulley, Drive gear for kegel and Flywheels pattern. A custom-made JST PH 2.0MM 6-PIN SENSOR panel mount connector set for a robust and water-tight connection between motors and ESC.

Yes they are, I have been talking to the owner for the past week, he is currently on holiday until the end of the month.

He aims that his off-road wheels will be done mid November

His wheels are made by labeda

And his trucks have a 12mm stepped down to 10mm

His pulleys are only designed for his trucks

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I’ve had these wheels for 2 years now. They are amazing, 5 inch pneumies is perfect for street.



that’s good to hear; thanks my friend.

Please let him or her know that I tried to order the Haggy Drive kit for five bones or whatever it was (the one in stock) and their checkout failed last week.

I then sent an email to both of the [email protected] and support@wertrimo addresses asking for support, and both bounced.

I’ve seen these wheels in Oz before and never knew who made them. They looked perfect.


Yeah he told me he paused orderes because he cannot fulfill them whilst being on holiday

He is also on the forum - he is European so his English is very good


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Looks cool to, wich one are those ?



So they’re 127/125mm ?

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Isnt 150mm 6 inches? what did I miss :stuck_out_tongue:

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I only find that model on the net corresponding to 6" air tire or this but airless …

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Pretty sure these are different

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Maybe they’re different. Mine are 125mm. But they’re haggy boards.

Edit: Got them from a forum member 2 years ago, he was in Taiwan and was moving to Europe.

I was looking for the company then but couldn’t find anything about them, til recently.


hummm, yes maybe, regarding to your photo and the new Haggy wheels 125 vs 150mm, and the tire doesn’t look bigger, so I guess the rim/hub is smaller too …

ok thanks ! Does anyone else find those type of 3 spoke 125mm wheels air tire ??


I guess my search for 5 inch pneumies continues.


hehe dude. Don’t want to be annoying but are you 100% sure they are 5 inches?

Have you measured them?

5 inch pneumatic tires are unicorns. I looked and looked and looked and never found anything.

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I’ll measure them when I get home


That would be amazing man. Me and @Riako both are shocked :crazy_face: if you managed to get 5 inch awesome looking nummies somehow.