Hall sensors 5 wires vs 6 wires


I wish to transplant my Evolve Bamboo GT onto another board and replace the motos with two red MayTech 6555 170Kv sensored motors.

The Evolve wires for phase leads is actually a three pinned plug which won’t be a problem as I will just simply solder the phase wires onto the three pin plug.

My headache is with the hall sensors. The MayTech hall sensor has 6 wires of which only 3 of these has colors that is the same as the Evolve sensors.

The Evolve sensors only has 5 wires and only have black,red and yellow that my MayTech sensors have but does not have orange, green or brown.

Can you guys and gals help me out here?

Image as below. (Black plug is MayTech and white plug is Evolve)

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Probably the temperature sensor missing on the Evolve one. Temperature sensor is the yellow wire on the Maytech connector. Build a 6pin to 5 pin adapter skipping this one and you should me fine. :wink:

Do a little transplant surgery

@Pimousse So you are saying that the wires is in the right order from black to red despite the colors? If so, then I can just cut off the yellow and transfer the rest over.

@scepterr Doing that!

Good thing I have this and various other sizes. What made me go out and buy these was the VESC6 due to using larger plugs which was a blessing in diguse. :joy:

Sensored brushless motors use the same pinout as it is a standard. Even if Evolve is this case does not comply completely with the standard using 5pin connector, I can’t see them mixing 5V and GND (see black and red wires at the same place as standard ones). A,B and C hall sensor can be mixed up, in any case, you will run a detection through BLDC Tool. Should be fine. :wink:

I do not see a USB port for me to do BLDC or any other means. but I could just do trail and error with the middle 3 wires till it works right.

On second thoughts, I will see if I can dig any info on the net on which ABC in which order they set it up.

Oh sorry, I was assuming you wanted to run Maytech motors with a VESC. Well, that case, you will need to try different combinations of the 3 power leads of the motor to match the A,B,C sensors order.

Sensor order doesn’t matter as long as gnd and v+ are correct


@scepterr That is good to hear! :+1:

Ok, looking good. Sensor wires are so fine but no problem stripping the insulation off.

Phase wires is not what I expected, thought it would be copper but is not.

Time to solder it together!

Phase wires are tinned copper, I would’ve left that mt60 connector… pretty sure the female vesc leads plug right in(4-5mm)

The mt60 connecter is from the old Evolve 5565 motors, I cut it off so I can transplant it onto the MayTech 6555 170Kv motor phase wires as it had bullets instead and the Evolve has mt60 connecters.

All good then :slight_smile:

First time I have soldered, sure that it is not the best but it should do for now.

Sorry to hurt your feelings, but those are some of the worst solders I’ve ever seen.

  1. Get a hotter iron
  2. With a flat tip, put the iron on top of all the lumps until the solder sinks into the wire
  3. Re heat shrink and your ready to go. Sorry to sound like an a hole, just trying to help. Your first solder job was better than mine :wink:. Anyways, there should not be any lumps on soldered connections @Brad

No hurt at all. This is why I posted the pics, for feedback.

Just the first time I done it. Had the tip set at 400 degrees.

Will re-do it tomorrow arvo.

Yea, the tip should be at somewhere between 600 and 750f (398c)

I know this is an old pos that I’m ressurecting, but I’m having trouble finding an answer. If you arent using VESC, how do you go about testing the order of the sensor phase wires to know the order is correct? I don’t want to blow my motor or esc…

Sensor wire a/b/c order does not matter just make sure that V+ (red) and ground (black) is in the correct order.

For phase wires, if the motor spins the wrong way, just simply switch any two random phase wires and viola, the motor will spin the other way.