Happy Marriage Board | 40" Longboard | VESC | Pulley | Lipo | 83mm Flywheel Clones

This will be my first build of the two in the upcoming months. The first one will be to get my feet wet in the hobby and provide some wheels for the misses. As I’m building this one on a budget, the goal is build a decent board for under $400. The following are the expected items, however I’m always up for recommendations and/or other retailers. My effort was to limit retailers to save on shipping costs.

Board Hardware

Deck: SkateShred Olive-wood : I choose this board as it provides a large build area. The drop down style leads me to believe it will easier to skate on as beginner. I’m roughly 260lbs, so I was looking for a budget deck that would support me and this is rated for 376lbs. Most of the other budget decks I have found list 220-260lbs max weight.

Wheels: 90mm Flywheel Clones : I don’t want to spend the money on authentic ones but from the reviews I’ve read on the board these are the better quality clones.

Bearings: Cheap ABEC7s : Similar to the wheels, as my first build I just wanted something usable.

Option 1

Trucks: Caliber II Trucks : The trucks come highly recommend and will work great with @dickyho mount. Which he should have back in stock next week.

Mount: @dickyho Mount : I would select the Caliber option when it becomes in stock.

Option 2 Trucks: Budget Clones : Realizing the HK mounts only touch 3 sides on the caliber mounts, this would be an inexpensive option for round trucks.

Mount: Hobby King Mount : Inexpensive and works with a variety of truck styles.


Speed Controller: Flipsky Mini VESC : Took advantage of the Facebook coupon for $20 off. Only wanted a single motor for first build. As it will be my wife’s in the end I wanted to braking benefits of the VESC and the ability to program limiters.

Remote Control: Hobby King GT2B : Ideally I will be sourcing a 3D printed mod and I’ve heard horror stories of cheap china ones loosing connectivity.

Motor: [Flipsky 6354 190kv] : I considered a 6374 but not sure if it’s needed as I’m not looking for top speed.

Anti-Spark Key: Who need a button when you have a key.

I’m sure there is more to come and decision to make, but if you have any input please share.


Id go for 6374 as it’s not for speed but more torque

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And more braking power also


6354 is absolutely fine in the motor department. Don’t get the @dickyho mount but do get the Caliber2

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b264, why do you recommend against the dickyho mount?

Good call on the happy marriage build. Get them into it and away you go!!! That hobby king mount is great for the money but you can’t do a dual rear truck set up with it and if you are anything like the rest of us you will want to do that in the future lol. Best to build in the option for future upgrades now, it’s cheaper. You will be able to do a diagonal dual though. @b264 what’s up with the dickyho mount?

Mounts that are round you will never cease having them wiggle loose and having to rework them

makes sense. Other than welded, what would you recommend?

You’ve linked the Paris mount. Get his caliber one

Thought it might be a quality issue. There is a caliber option. I don’t use Paris style trucks for that very reason.

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I’m considering the dickyho Calibre mount for my upgrades. I’m little concerned on how they will hold.

Has anyone used them? Do they hold in position?

They are simple but versatile and work. Dicky is also a responsive seller and all around good guy. Any issues you may have will be handled.

I’ve not ridden the board with mine installed yet (always waiting for parts) but I have no concerns about them being up the challenge

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Caliber are OOS couldn’t link them directly.

I have the dickyho caliber mount and it’s great. It has a clamp as well as grub screws and does not move at all. I am guessing @b264 hasnt actually tried them or may have put them on wrong if he did

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Is it round? Do you have a photo?

dickyho has a photo of the Caliber mount on his ebay page: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CNC-motor-mount-for-50-63-motors-for-DIY-eskate-electric-skateboard/302775190943?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144

I would never use that.

His pulleys are nice, though.

I have ordered a bunch of stuff from @dickyho and it should be here in a couple weeks. If you haven’t bought stuff by then I’ll let you know how they work

I think the issue has little to do with how it initially fits together.

I am referring to how things hold up under actual use because skateboard vibrations have a way of breaking EVERYTHING.

So it could fit together flawlessly and look great, but when you actually put a bunch of miles on it, stuff will start coming apart, despite looking rock-solid.

I’d never use a motor mount that is round at the attachment point, no matter what.

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The only thing holding that mount in place is those two grub screws? Then I agree with @b264 I would not trust that to stay in place either after use. Hell I have seen bathroom hangers/hooks that are held together with grub screws and they even let go after a while and that’s just from hanging a towel on them.