Have a potential supplier of the new Samsung 30T 21700 cells

Have been corresponding with a company in China and they claim they have the new Samsung 30T 21700 battery cell in stock finally. I tried getting these late last year and it turned out incorrect, and was told they wouldn’t be available until this year. So it’s pretty early in the year but I have been talking with a supplier in China and they say they have the 30T in stock. She asked how many I might need. I figured I’d these are legit that a lot of y’all would want on these so I told her probably about 1,000, maybe more, maybe less. She said they’d be $6.25 at that amount. So I am going to continue talking to them and get a feeling for if this is authentic or not, but if it is maybe someone can set up a group buy? These have been tested by many tech publications and they said it’s the best battery they’ve tested so far… Here’s a link to a detailed review of the battery.


Anyways, yeah if this is the real deal I think we should try and get a group buy going. I can’t set up one, but hopefully someone will rise to the occasion, lol!

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How many cells do you personally want to get?

Yeah, that would be cool. I’ve also been searching for these cells for a while.

If is an Alibaba supplier ask for a sample. When you get it, test It.

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i don’t really get these cells.

the Wh / $ ratio doesn’t make sense.

it only excels in discharge so it’d be great for acceleration.

but the range you’d get on whatever configuration would be at about the same or less than 18650 cells, since you couldn’t fit as many cells.


you bring up a good point, I wonder if anyone has any links to papers to why these would be used over 18650’s


Doesn’t this basically say where it’s advantages are and so on?

I will probably want to get between 50-100

i mean, it’s a forum for bespoke led flashlights, where they’re using 1 to 3 cells to power super bright LEDs. even in a vape, you’re using two, maybe four cells so in these smaller applications, current delivery makes a huge difference.

what we’re doing with esk8 is building huge packs to both increase amp delivery and multiply capacity to extend range.

so with these particular cells, it’s 3ah which is the same as the 30q, which is also about half the price. by the time you put a 30q in 3 or 4p configurations, it’s delivering enough amperage to sufficiently power these power hungry motors we’re using.

yes, the 30t in 3p would deliver over 100a safely. in a dual drive, you’d be supplying 50a to each vesc, which also happens to be approaching the amp limit, but then the total capacity is still 9ah, which in a practical sense would get you about a 15 mile range.


They really shine in a low parallel count, for a short commute board a 10S1P or 12S1P wound be amazing


The only way I can see these useful for Esk8ing is for small battery packs w/ high Amperage output, or for cheap runaround boards. Personally I would love to see a cell get released which is half the amp output, double the mAh -but we will have to wait to see if someone develops one

I guess it comes down to priorities. These cells are good for a small and light pack (e.g 12s2p) with slightly more power than a 12s5p made with 30q cells. Of course the range will be less than half but again, priorities. :wink:

exactly. but sanyo has same sized cells with high output at 4.5ah, I’d go with those so you get the best of both worlds.

I think with a bit of patience, in a year or two, we’ll see this format cells with way more impressive figures start to show up.

In this case really depend on the current you need, I’ve run so far 20A battery current on an NCR18650B, it’s been enough for me, sags a lot, but works, so running 15A on the NCR2170B may be enough if you encounter moderate climbs on the way

But, due to the higher internal resistance o 2170B you only get 12,5 Wh versus 10,5 Wh on the 30T with much higher discharge capability

In my opinion where the 30T really shines if for pedal assist ebikes, with a minuscule pack you can have high power for when you encounter hill and your legs do the rest of the job on flat

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Unless you’re looking to make a 2P or 1P, the Samsung 30T don’t make sense. I made a spreadsheet comparing different cells, and the 30T was one of them. At this price,

high parallel is 6P or more, assuming at least 60A load, minimum

If you’re looking for energy per Euro at high parallel, they’re only 576mAh/€ whereas the Samsung 35E is 1278mAh/€. If you’re looking for energy per Euro at low parallel, the Samsung 30Q is the best at 1091mAh/€ If you’re looking for energy density, by mass, they are only 23.0g/Ah whereas the LG MJ1 are 13.4g/Ah

TL;DR To make a small board, use 30T To make a cheap board, use 30Q To make a long-range board, use 35E To make a light board, use MJ1

Once the 40T are available this could change drastically


What about the Sanyo 20700A, or the Samsung 21700 48G?

I checked the Sanyo NCR20700B (wasn’t better at any category) but didn’t have info on Samsung 21700 48G or Sanyo 20700A

How many grams per cell? How many euros per cell at 100 quantity? How many amperes continuous discharge? How much capacity in mAh?

This was said about the Sanyo 20700A


This battery is a very good battery and one of the best high current cell I have tested to date. At lower current there is no reason to use this cell (Instead use the NCR20700B cell), only when the current is above 10A is this cell interesting.


Samsung 48G


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Any thoughts on those last two batteries?