HAYA HB83 Shortboard (Progress)


I’m opening this thread to document the development process of our new deck.

Whats different compared tho the longer HAYA V0 deck:

  • Pockets are shorter and wider, measuring 490*+91,5mm (Allowing up to 5p glued 18650 modules sideways).
  • Small pocket behind the main battery components to fit a BLE-Module, receiver or ever a micro BMS. (Will post pics explaining it)
  • Flat tail, still constrained by the universal mould we are using.
  • 825* mm long (32,5"). Light and portable. Max WB 23,5”
  • Directional V shape. 244mm on its widest side, as wide as we can go with our veneers.

*dimensions may vary a little bit.

It also will have a centre beam to distribute the pressure put over the lid and feature 4 motor hole channels. Price-wise it should cost around the same as the other deck, maybe some bucks less because of the bit shorter veneers, otherwise its as labour intensive as the other.

It’s still in a very early development phase. We just cut and shaped the deck today Any progress or production related news will be posted here.

PICS: Quick n dirty to see and feel the deck proportions.
(will update them as soon as we mill the pockets, and then as soon as we have CNC’d ones) (The V0 deck has also the new V0.1 nose, that’s why some inserts are visible, that should not be like that)

DSC_5348 DSC_5366 DSC_5370 DSC_5372 DSC_5368 DSC_5354 DSC_5351 DSC_5361 DSC_5352 DSC_5365 DSC_5360 DSC_5364 DSC_5359 edit: CAD: PNG Hope you like it :slight_smile:

UPDATE: (02.03.19)

NEWEST IMAGES (imgur post): LINK

Deck reservation (1st Beta batch) https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScGZPAAdRsx7cZKnw3xjB0VDEsDbgK4Kxd-NgVEKaJphriNIA/viewform?usp=send_form


Looks neat! :slight_smile:

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Well, I think I know what my first deck will be.

Hopefully this and the TB 110’s will come out around the same time.

awsome ! Looking foward

@bevilacqua any possibility of custom outside shape like this? The inside compartment the same, just outside to have these awesome lines 1506961360


we would be crazy to dislike this beautiful new deck !

Awesome job once again ¡bravo :ok_hand:

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In for one, lmk


Gorgeous. But really short wheelbase, and with the cutaways not much room for the feet?

But gorgeous and interesting.

Also in. These boards look cleeeean

I would love a more pronounced kick tail but seems super promising


I‘ll have to test myself how well it works, sadly we have to make it flat.

Have to see if the WB is ok too, ill post exact numbers to compare against a Spud/Tayto

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I think @LukePL ‘s deck already has some very similar shape, we might change the nose shape, but the general aesthetic might stay similar to the original. We also are constrained by the manufacturing style and CNC machine (they wont let us do crazy angles or transitions)


Longest WB is 23,5”, ab 2” more than a spud.


This. While it worked on the other deck, it just seems off on this one.



Yeah, my father insisted on the shape, we might end with a similar nose contour as the longer deck tho, otherwise wheelbite would be compromised

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Understandable. Was the first deck at the maximum length available? I love kicktails but the shape of this deck works very well on the longer style. Love to see a 40+ inch version


How about wheel wells?

You mean a pintail shape? 38+“ would be the max length with the longer veneers

edit: There are decks like the earthwing miniglider with a similar shape at 33". Im not sure if the flat kick would work out on a longer eskate, specially considering the weight. The raptor can pivot, but it has a very pronounced kick.

Would cut into the battery compartment as this time it is alot wider, but once I have a cad version I‘ll look into this. Right now im missing my home PC

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