HAYA HB92 Integrated Deck

Hi everyone, this summer I started a project together with my father. We set to build a DIY friendly integrated deck designed specifically for builders.

It all started when my father found a company that produces raw veneers and presses furniture parts such as chair rests for example. Thanks to one of their high pressure presses that has a 920mm radius mold we can press a deck of the thickness and length we want at a competitive price. 920mm results in a comfortable radial concave.

After pressing the decks they are CNC’d by the same company.

After this step the decks are finished by hand, so we can’t guarantee exact tolerances. Nonetheless each deck will look perfect to the naked eye.


  • 36" Deck (925mm) in Beech wood: Haya in spanish hence the name.
  • 9.6" (244mm) wide: Limited by the veneer size for now.
  • Symetrical
  • Radial concave
  • Flush mount
  • 3 different wheelbases
  • Integrated cable routing for up to 4 motors. Perfect for 4wd or dual diagonal.
  • 2 Routed segments of 674x76mm (26.5in x 3in). That fits even NESE Modules. Enough for 12s4p on dual config.
  • Depth of 22.5mm. Enough to fit 16650 to 21700 batteries and Flipsky V6 ESC’s.
  • Lid (Prob. 1mm laser cut alu) with attached gasket: 1,2mm compressed.
  • Deck weight (with inserts) sub 2kg. (Final lid weight still unknown…). All incl. way sub 3kg.
  • Produced locally in Pamplona (Northern Spain) where I come from.

NOTE: It’s still an ongoing project. I will keep everything posted on this thread: Deadlines, Prices etc. I will build a first 10s4p dual Focbox prototype in 11 days and test everything myself.

If you got any questions please let me know.

Here are some pics of CND’d raw prototype boards and some with finished woodworking. They still don’t have the final sanding nor any Epoxy and PU coating on. We intend to keep the natural white color of the wood on the finished product.

IMG_0800%201 IMG_0805 IMG_0806 IMG_0807 IMG_0811 IMG_0828IMG_0829IMG_0827 UPDATE:

image image image image image image image image

30/30 Completed, new fillings go to the backup list, if anyone withdraws you get his spot: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScKLQvlog5rbQv77ipJuINo6x7aOFsqAiKhxe_9IISmnCU_6w/viewform Limited to 30 pieces on the 1st betha run.


These are beautiful. We need to see the concave though and lid!!!

Keep up the great work, the idea behind this seems like the ideal board to me. Super nice, can’t wait to see the 10S4P test


Logo. Will be kept minimal on thin white lines.

If you desire a blank finish this is also no problem.



Looks beautiful and will be watching this thread! still I think given where you live you might want to go12s :joy: image


Soon I’ll post some pics of one mounted with an alu lid. In my feet it feels comfortable, and it still has the concave to keep you on the board.

You’ll actually have a lot of interest from the european nations that have a ban in place. Super stealthy build with hubs.


On hubs plus a push to start feature they should look really stealthy :slight_smile:


This looks wicked just. Very interested in one of these for getting past die Polizei.


If any of you experts has noticed a little knot on the top veneer you are right. This was a production mistake: All backsides should look clean, without any optical imperfections.


Following this. They look great.


damn that deck is nice and it seems rigid! i might get one! why an alu lid? could you make a wooden/fiberglass one since your already got the woodworking company :smiley:


Damn that is sexy. I love the raw appearance and the wire channels. Impressive.


that is beautiful craftsmanship!


Industrial fiberglass like EP GC 201 Hardpressed fiberglass sheets might be a viable alternative to alu. We‘d like to reduce weight and overall thikness.


Do you have any kind of release time line? Price in mind? Great looking decks.

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The idea is to make a first round of betha boards at a discounted price. As soon as we know exaclty how and were we do the lids we‘ll start producing them. Prob mid october


Thats great, guys start saving up $$ :smiley:


I’ll be ready for that pre order

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Things that’s I want need to stop coming out one after the other… Soon I’ll be able to leave my wallet at home, it’ll be empty anyway.


You think the deck works with pneumatics? You might want to make sure that there is no wheelbite with TB218s and 6-8inch wheels.